Monday, March 29, 2010

The Wumblers by Giddy Gander Review and Giveaway

My two girls love their stuffed animals. When we moved out of our old house into the new house, we had to downsize a lot of our stuff.  See, we had a basement in the old house which we used for storage and a lot of their stuffed animals ended up down there.  They must have had about 10 bags in stuffed animals and dolls, no joke.  Their grandmother and aunt tend to buy them A LOT of different stuffed animals, toys and dolls, yes my girls are definitely spoiled.  I admit, I see something cute and I have to grab it too!  There were a few that they kept, but my oldest has really been getting into the giving spirit and has seen stories on TV and read things in papers about other children being without toys, pajamas and other things that they may need and want.  So she very generously went through stuff with me and donated a lot of her toys and stuffed animals to Goodwill.  There was one in particular that she wouldn't part with and that was the Baby Wumbler that we received for review from the Giddy Gander Company LLC.  This toy is so unique and plainly so darn cute, that we really couldn't part with it.

The Wumblers is an entertaining and enriching children's DVD, CD, broadcast and soon to be book series that is grounded in the Wumbler Patch.  Children everywhere are enjoying the sweet-natured, whimsical and humorous collection of Wumbler characters who combine fun with social, global, environmental, and humanitarian learning in a way that parents applaud and kids just can't get enough of.
Both Bertrum, a five year old Wumbler and Raimundo, his best pal who happens to be a bilingual Latin American Snail, blend clever storylines with imagination and play, educating children to the "importance of making the world a better place for ALL." The overall goals of the Wumbler series is to mentor in children a sense of responsibility to human kind and to the world that will span lives and improve each generation's outlook and opportunity for a better tomorrow.  

I was sent a blue Baby Wumbler Plush for review.  These are so cute as you can have the plush out on it's own or tuck him back into his little watermelon house as my oldest calls it and it looks just like a whole soft watermelon.  If you didn't know what it was, you would never know there was a little creature in there.  Now, knowing the story behind these Baby Wumblers, I am so honored to have one.  Little one has recently stole the Baby Wumbler from her older sister and plays with it almost daily.  The Baby Wumblers are born from watermelon and at the center of one of their most successful social enrichment programs for kids is brought to families by the Wubler Patch brand.  The main purpose of these Baby Wumblers is to teach children the importance of caring for ALL beings even the weakest and most vulnerable.  Included in this is the Wumblers partnership with the National Watermelon Association, where their Baby Wumblers are used to teach nutrition throughout the US.  They believe in lessons that strengthen humankind and the world, and also believe that the best form of learning is both gentle and fun.  This is the reason the Baby Wumblers transforms from a soft, cuddly watermelon into an adorable Baby Wumbler and arrives with a bright, yellow identification band "It's a Wumberful World We Line In."  The message behind these Baby Wumblers is clear and VERY important.  I try to instill the importance of treating others equally to both of my girls but especially right now my oldest.  People can be so cruel and other kids at her school are on a constant basis.  The world is a different place and if there is even the tiniest thing that can make this easier for our children, then by all means I am definitely for it.  I love the message behind these Baby Wumblers and the things that it teaches not only our kids but ourselves as well.  To have something so simple like a cuddly friend like the Baby Wumbler mean so much is something to be treasured always.

Laura Wellington is the creator behind the Baby Wumblers, The Wumbler series and the Wumbler Patch brand and created this for her four children cope with the three year passing of their father and husband from cancer.  Not long after that, the tragedy of 911 marked a second opportunity for Laura to help children cope with the suffering they were experiencing with the many losses plaguing so many families.  The Wumblers series and Wumblers Patch are a combination of vast parent-child approval and appeal and became the valuable seeds in which their success was sown.

For more information of The Wumblers and Wumblers Patch series and to check out all of the great merchadise, head on over HERE.  Please be sure to check out this wonderful site for Watermelon recipes, games including Matching Game, Printables and Painting and so much more!

The wonderful folks from The Wumblers and Giddy Gander Company LLC would love to give one of my lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers their very own cute and cuddly Baby Wumbler in your choice of Blue or Pink.  

MAIN ENTRY-Mandatory and must be done before any extra entries.  Please make sure that your email address is visible in your comments so that I have a way to contact you if you win.

What is your child's favorite stuffed animal,doll or toy?  Or maybe what was a favorite of yours growing up?

EXTRA ENTRIES-Please list a separate comment for each.

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Giveaway will end Monday 4/12 at 7pm EST.  Winner will be chosen via and notified by email as well as posted here on my blog.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.  Open to US residents ONLY!  Special thanks to Heidi and everyone at Giddy Gander LLC for sponsoring this giveaway.  GOOD LUCK!
Disclosure- I received no monetary compensation for this review, only a free Baby Wumbler provided to me by Giddy Gander LLC. in exchange for my honest opinions.  The words expressed in this review are my own and information also provided by The Wumblers site, and not influenced by anyone.


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