Monday, March 8, 2010

Tons of Winners

Good evening all!  I have lots of new winners to announce this evening, so sorry for the delay in this.  Congratulations to all!

The winner os the Lily Me Personalized Bracelet is:
COMMENT #59-Leslie Malone

The winner of the Sea Babe Jewelry Blue Topaz Drop Earrings is:

The winner of the AJ Sweet Soap Build Your Own Waffle Cone Soap is:
COMMENT #41-alesahmom4
The winners of the Lucky Leaf Heart Shaped Pan are:
COMMENT #115-cathypsychicmama
COMMENT #43-Rachelle
COMMENT #60-Suzanne
COMMENT #101-Stephanie G.
COMMENT #21-Christine Jensen
COMMENT #69-bekki1820cb
COMMENT #86-Bizzimommi
COMMENT #92-Rebecca Niehaus
COMMENT #96-phxbne
COMMENT #10-shelly

The winner of the Giggles and Grins Pendant is:
COMMENT #101-meli-mama

The winner of the Lip Smackin' Creations 2 pack of Spices is:
COMMENT #19-savingsstewardship

The winner of the Gaddy Nipper Crayons Set of 6 Cupcake Crayons is:
COMMENT #4-Stacie

The winner of the Explorer's Bounty Coffee and Chocolate Lover's Package is:
COMMENT #39-38traci

The winner of the Oxi Clean Max Force Products is:

The winner of the M.A.H Creations $20 Gift Certificate is:
COMMENT #40-Ashley Elaine

The winner of the Dali Decals $25 Gift Certificate is:
COMMENT #79-Babs

Congrats once again to all of the winners.  I have emailed all of you and am awaiting confirmation.  Thanks to all who entered.  Have a great evening!


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