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The Royal Wedding

This morning I woke up at 4:30am and grabbed my blanket off the bed to make my way out to the living room.  I turned on the TV (I had the channel set from last night) and eagerly started to watch the guests coming into Westminster Abbey in anticipation of The Royal Wedding.  I have been looking forward to this all week.  My husband got up as he usually does to go to work and on his way out the door at a little after 5am he told me to have fun.  It was funny, over dinner last night we got into a discussion about Kate and William and hubby seemed genuinely interested.  I was thinking if he didn't have to work, he may have watched it with me.  A part of me wondered, why am I up so early on my day off and what on earth is such a big deal about this wedding besides the price tag of course.  The big deal for me was watching a bit of history in the making at the same time thinking it IS Princess Diana's beloved son.  Princess Diana was an important woman in our history.  I remember watching a little of her wedding although I don't remember a whole lot as I was only 8 years old.  I also remember watching her funeral and her two precious boys following her casket, with their heads bowed down and how heartbreaking it truly was to watch.  With all of the devastation in this world lately with wars and forces of nature, it felt good to be able to watch a happy and momentous occasion and forget about the grief and hard times even if it was just for a few hours.  

As I watched Prince William and Prince Harry head off to Westminster Abbey, I felt so happy for William.  He looked so handsome in his military uniform as did Harry.  Of course, he looked nervous, but anxious and happy at the same time.  Watching the numerous people head off such as Kate's Mom and brother, Prince Charles and Camilla and of course the Queen herself, I was anxiously anticipating seeing Kate.  I am not really all that hip on fashion, to be honest I don't care a whole lot about dresses, shoes and purses, but I couldn't wait to see her dress.  She looked absolutely stunning as she stepping out of the Queen's classic car.  Her train which was 9 ft (compared to Diana's 25 feet) was in my opinion just the right length and she looked beautiful to say the least.  As she entered Westminster Abbey, she looked nervous as any bride would be, but the pressure of 1,900 people there plus all the millions watching around the world appeared to get to her.  Her father asked her if she was ready and all she could do was nod.  As they headed down the aisle, I wondered if she was going to be able to keep it together and as she got closer to William, I figured she would start crying, you could see the tears welling up in her eyes.  But true to her character, she held it all in.  The pivotal moment for me was that William had his back toward her, he didn't want to look at her until she got up to him.  It was Harry that turned around and looked at Kate before saying something to his brother, I can only  imagine him saying something like "She looks beautiful" or something to that fact.  Once Kate finally got up to Kate and William could see his bride for himself could you read his lips as he whispered to Kate "You look beautiful".  The wedding itself was simple, elegant and full of love.  I was happy to be one of the millions of people to witness this historic event.  The choir was magnificent, the building was amazing.  My oldest got up at 6:30am, only to come out and tell me that Kate looked pretty and the Abbey was sweet.

After the wedding was finally finished after an hour and Kate and William signed the wedding certificate and began walking down the long aisle out to the horse driven carriage did I finally notice the look of relief that this part of it was over.  As they got into the carriage and headed off, they looked so happy, they couldn't stop smiling.  As they arrived at Buckingham Palace for what they called a wedding breakfast (even though it was lunch) watching all of these people who had stood in line and camped out for days just to get a glimpse, heading off to see the new Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's famous balcony kiss.  Not only one kiss but TWO!  Plans for later include a three course meal and then a party hosted by Prince Harry before the two head off for a honeymoon to only they know where.  

I can only wish Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine a long and happy life together filled with love.  They are the perfect couple, so beautiful and graceful and have their whole lives ahead of them.  Someday they will be King and Queen of England, but for now they are newlyweds with so much to give.  Best of luck.  Today is a special day..never to be forgotten.

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Good evening all! has taken me a while and a lot of hard work, but I have some great reviews/giveaways coming up!  I have been in contact with some great companies, and have been testing some products the past couple of weeks and now am getting ready to write up those reviews and offer you all some fun giveaways that are sure to please.  Tomorrow is a big day filled with lots of posts including my take on the event of the year: The Royal Wedding.  I will be up bright and early tomorrow morning to watch this fun event and can't wait to post about this as well as Friday Blogs Hops and hopefully a couple of giveaways.  I have been working hard to try and get this blog going again and am excited to bring you more content on the things I love!  So stay tuned...and have a great evening!

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Good Friday and Happy Earth Day!  Also Happy Easter, hope everything is going well for all of you!  We have a soccer game tomorrow afternoon before having our Easter dinner with my hubby's family then an evening hockey game.  Easter breakfast before church service on Sunday and then a relaxing afternoon and evening at home before braving work next week.  Hope you all have some great plans with your family and friends this wonderful holiday.  
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Pirates of the Caribbean:On Strange Tides Trailer

Are you a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan?  Excited to be able to check out the new movie?  I can honestly say I haven't watched any of the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies but after watching this exclusive trailer, I must say that I might have to watch the others just so I can head off to the theater to see this one.  I love Johnny Depp, this was the role that he was meant to play as he returns as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Here is the exclusive trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean:On Strange Tides, hitting all theaters May 20, 2011.

This movie is also being released in Disney Digital 3D.

Genre: Comedy-Adventure

Rating: TBD

US Release Date: May 20, 2011

Cast: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, Kevin R McNally, Astrid Berges Frisbey, Sam Claffin, and Geoffrey Rush

Director: Rob Marshall

Executive Producers: Mike Stenson, Chad Oman, John DeLuca, Barry Waldman, Ted Elliott, Terry Rosio

Based on the characters created by: Terry Elliott and Terry Rosio and Stuart Beattie and Jay Wolpert

Suggested by the novel by: Tim Powers

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Rob Marshall, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” captures the fun, adventure and humor that ignited the hit franchise—this time in Disney Digital 3D™. Johnny Depp returns to his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow in an action-packed adventure. Crossing paths with the enigmatic Angelica (Penélope Cruz), he’s not sure if it’s love—or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know whom to fear more: Blackbeard or Angelica, with whom he shares a mysterious past. The international cast includes franchise vets Geoffrey Rush as the vengeful Captain Hector Barbossa and Kevin R. McNally as Captain Jack’s longtime comrade Joshamee Gibbs, plus Sam Claflin as a stalwart missionary and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey as a mysterious mermaid.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) finds himself on an unexpected journey to the fabled Fountain of Youth when a woman from his past (Penélope Cruz) forces him aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane).

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7 Common Mistakes First-Time Make

By Lisa Pecos

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, and no stage is more difficult than the first few months with your first child. It is easy to be led astray by misguided assumptions and poorly thought-out plans, and it is practically impossible to completely avoid making any mistakes. Parenting is after all a learning process, but you can avoid some of the most common mistakes simply by being aware of them in advance. Here are seven of the most common issues that arise for first-time parents.

1. Not sleeping
Everyone knows that new parents are commonly sleep deprived, but it does not have to be so bad. Especially if you and your spouse can find ways to share the load and balance your time, then you should be able to get close to your usual amount of sleep every day. Granted, the sleep may be patchy and at unconventional times, but you can get it if you try.

2. Unrealistic time expectations
Many new parents like to think that they will still have plenty of free time when the baby is sleeping or entertaining herself, but you might be surprised by how much of your time is occupied by baby-related tasks even when the baby is asleep. Yes, you should be able to preserve at least some of your personal time, but it may not be as much as you expect.

3. Believing everything you hear
There is a lot of parenting advice out there, and while most of it is harmless, the advice-givers are not always consistent in what they say. Rather than listening to and believing everything you see, try to formulate your own philosophy about parenting, and then listen only to those experts whose beliefs are in line with yours. Also keep in mind that some so-called “parenting experts” are not all they claim to be. Listen to your doctor first and foremost.

4. Spouse neglect
There is no getting around the fact that your baby will be the center of attention in your household, and not just for the first few weeks or months. Parents have to be willing to give up much of themselves in order to care for a child, and this will last until the child is old enough to be independent. For now, try not to let your child get in the way of your connection with your spouse. Find time to talk, to snuggle up without the baby, and to keep your sex life going. Otherwise, bad feelings may develop, and this can affect the entire household.

5. Over-worrying
Many new parents spend so much time reading and worrying about all the things that can wrong with a new child that they become all but convinced that bad things are inevitable. Any time you suspect that something may be wrong with your child, it is best to listen to your intuition and take the child to your doctor as soon as possible. But try not to let your paranoia project problems that are not there, or else you will just make yourself crazy.

6. Over-spending
Although we do not like to admit it, much of what we buy for a newborn baby is more for the parents’ benefit than the child’s. A newborn baby does not need much more than loving parents and a place to sleep, so you do not have to deplete your bank account in preparation for the birth. Get the things you need, and do not forget that you can get a lot of the non-necessities after the baby is born.

7. Losing perspective
First-time parents tend to get wrapped up in the life-changing nature of the event, and as a result they risk seeing the birth of their baby as a much more momentous event than it actually is. Of course, it is one of the most important events in your life, but it is not such a big deal outside of your family. Try to keep things in perspective by reminding yourself that babies are born every day, and do not take it personally when others do not share your wild enthusiasm for your child.

Lisa Pecos, a wife and well accomplished writer whom firmly believes in natural colic treatment for infants. She has authored numerous articles in Parenting Journals on the topics of toddlers, kids and teenagers.

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Healthy Parenting:Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy

By Lisa Pecos

Most adults can get away with not eating as well as they should or not exercising the optimal amount. But when it comes to pregnancy, all the things that you have heard about the importance of good health become much more urgent. As the cliché goes, you are eating for two now, and everything you do must be thought of in terms of how it will affect your baby’s development. Of course, it is not an emergency if you have an occasional dessert or miss a day of exercise, but pregnancy requires increased vigilance against bad habits.

What to Eat, and What to Avoid

The key to a smooth pregnancy is to have a healthy, balanced diet that contains items from every food group. But because pregnant women have unique health needs, there are a few types of foods that are particularly recommended.

    * Whole grains: Doctors recommend that pregnant women consume six to nine servings of whole grains per day. This helps maximize your energy during these exhausting months, and the vitamins provided by things like whole-grain cereals, bread, and pasta provide some of the most crucial vitamins during pregnancy.
    * Vegetables and fruits: Pregnant women should have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and it is best to emphasize variety rather than eating the same types of fruits and vegetables over and over. To get your maximum intake of vitamins and minerals, focus on the most healthy items, and try to branch out into types of fruits and vegetables that you may have never liked before.
    * Protein sources: Meat, fish, beans, and eggs are just a few of the foods that provide crucial protein for your baby’s growth. Even if you usually do not eat much meat, pregnancy is a good time to expand your horizons.
    * Dairy products: Dairy products provide the calcium your baby needs to develop strong bones. Yogurt is best, but all kinds of pure dairy products are good.

Pinpointing which types of food to avoid is a little more difficult. Alcohol is completely out of the question, as are tobacco and other types of drugs. It is also best to avoid foods that contain too many unhealthy chemicals. In your produce selection, go with organic products as much as possible.

Meanwhile, it is also best to drink at least 6 8-ounce glasses of water per day. And if you are worried that you are not getting enough nutrition, you can supplement your diet with vitamins. However, keep in mind that the vitamins and minerals in fresh food are usually of a higher quality and easier for the body to absorb.

Exercise during Pregnancy

Studies have shown that pregnant women who exercise produce healthier babies, but this does not mean that you have to wear yourself out with strenuous workouts. Aim for around two and a half hours of exercise per week, with a few 30- to 45-minute workouts spread throughout the week. Not only will this benefit your baby, but it will also help ease aches and pains while preparing you to get back on track after pregnancy.

While exercise is an indispensable part of any healthy pregnancy, it is important to do it in a safe manner. For pregnant women, it is much more important to start slowly, take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and avoid overdoing it. Avoid high-impact exercises or activities that can result in falling, and trust your body when it tells you it is time to stop.

Pregnancy Weight Gain: How Much?

Recommended weight gain during pregnancy depends upon your body mass index (BMI) prior to becoming pregnant. For a woman of normal size and weight, a gain of 25 to 30 points is optimal. For underweight women, the recommended gain is a little higher, and it is smaller for women who are overweight or obese. In all cases, the weight should be gained gradually, with most of it occurring in the last three months of pregnancy. Talk to your doctor for specific weight-gain recommendations pertaining to your body type and state of health.

Lisa Pecos is a very well known writer on natural remedies and natural approaches to family health. Many of her articles are recommended by parents which are used and valued by families all over the internet. Learn more at

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Five Question Friday

1.) Have you ever had surgery?
Yes, I have had two c-sections, my appendix taken out and a pullup removed when I was a kid.

2.) Ever ride in an ambulance?
No, but I have sat in one for a little but after I got in a car accident.

3.) How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?
I am pretty panicked because I am by far a calm person in most situations.

4.) Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?
I have several little flower gardens around my yard and this year the girls and I are starting our own veggie garden complete with carrots, green beans and cucumbers.

5.) When did you move out of your parents home?
I lived with my grandmother and mother for most all of my life and finally moved out when I was almost 21, which is when I got married.    

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*It's not about getting thru's about getting something out of it.
Bob Harper
*I can't save you, you have to save yourself.
Jillian Michaels
*Stand up and finish what you started.
Bob Harper
*This isn't about winning a game, it's about fixing what's broken.
Bob Harper
*Can't is just a reason to quit.
Jillian Michaels
Hard Work, Dedication...-Dolvett Quince

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