Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jiffy Lube "Keeping My Ride Alive" Promotion

Over a year ago, I got into a car accident on Memorial Day weekend with my two girls in the car.  I was turning into the driveway of the cemetary where my grandmother was buried on a Sunday after church services, my mother in law and sister in law were in front of me.  I just so happened to look up in my rear view mirror and see this car speeding towards me.  Before I had any time to react at all, the front of the car had hit hard in the back of my car.  I didn't know what to do, my oldest was screaming in the back seat and little one didn't know what was going on.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, except the little boy that was for some reason in the front seat of the other car, he had a cut on the front of his head where it had hit the dashboard.  The woman was an older woman in her 70's and said she had hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and also hadn't seen my brake lights, or wasn't looking.  Needless to say our car ended up being totaled out and the nightmare of that car accident still haunts me.  We had the car towed to our house and it sat there crushed in the driveway for several weeks while we got a hold of insurance companies and adjusters trying to figure out whether it was a total loss or what.  Upon looking at the back of the car after we pried the trunk open, we realized had it not been for the position of where the spare tire was at, my girls may have been crushed.  The driver of the other car must have been going at least 50 mph if not faster according to the police report.  Thank God for miracles because I believe that one happened that day.

The reason I bring up the subject of cars is that Jiffy Lube is having a new promotion going on right now called Keeping My Ride Alive.  What is this promotion all about you ask?  This is a great Facebook community for drivers who aim to attain high mileage on their vehicles.  Visitors can cruise this site to browse photos and stories from other high mileage drivers as well as share your own photos and stories.
Think it's impossible to keep your vehicle on the road for a long time?  Check out this story of a man that has been able to keep his car on the road for 17+ years and has clocked over 400,000 miles.  He also gives you some great tips on maintaining your vehicle and getting the most out of it.  Head on over HERE to read the whole article. 
The impact of difficult economic times have taken it's toll on us as drivers.  Some of us don't have the money or the means of maintaining our cars the way we should which includes oil changes, changing our tires, or installing new oil filters.  Think if we did more to maintain the vehicle that we have how much less money we would have to spend compared to going out and purchasing or leasing a new car.  Did you know that drivers demand more out of their vehicles as well as their vehicle maintenance providers?  It's true!  A national survey reveals that while 99% of drivers agree that getting their oil changes will prolong the life of their vehicle, they are looking for more additional service when they pull in such as:
*Vacuuming their interior floors and seats
*Washing the outside windows
*Inspecting brake fluids, transmission fluids, belts, exterior lights, wipers blades, etc.
*Check tire pressure and windshield washer fluids
*Fill the tire pressure and windshield washer fluids
*Changing the oil and filters

Some interesting facts to know:
*More than half of US drivers hope to hit more than 150,000 miles on their vehicles before replacing them.
*More than a quarter are looking to clock in more than 250,000 miles before throwing in the towel
*Nine in 10 people agree having other key parts and fluids checked during their regular oil change is the most convenient way for them to maintain their vehicles value and longevity
*More than half of US drivers (59%) agree it is important to have their oil change finished in 30 minutes or less.

Jiffy Lube offers their Signature Service Oil Change to help with some or all of these aspects that drivers are looking for.  It is a preventative maintenance program that includes changing, inspecting, checking/filling, and cleaning key vehicle parts and fluids, offering drivers a quick and convenient way to maintain their vehicles value and longevity.  

To learn more about Jiffy Lube and what they have to offer,including services and locations, please head over HERE.  Also make sure to check out the Keeping My Ride Alive Facebook page HERE, to share your stories and tips.

I have two $35 Gift Cards courtesy of Jiffy Lube for TWO lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers good towards the Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change or any of the other services currently offered at any of the more than 2,000 Jiffy Lube locations around the country.

MAIN ENTRY-Mandatory and must be done before any extra entries.  Please make sure that your email address is either visible in your comments or Blogger profile so that I have a way to contact you if you win.

*Visit the new Keeping My Ride Alive Facebook community and "Like" it (1 entry)

EXTRA ENTRIES-Please list a separate comment for each.
*Take a spin through the Keeping My Ride Alive Facebook community and share your story by uploading and image of yourself/vehicle and information in the appropriate mileage category on the "Share Your Story " tab
*Come back to my blog and comment which mileage category you fall into
*Follow my blog
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Giveaway will end on Saturday 7/31 at 7pm EST.  Winners will be chosen via and notified by email as well as posted here on my blog.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond before new winners are chosen.  Open to US residents ONLY!  Special thanks to Emile and everyone at Jiffy Lube for sponsoring this giveaway.  GOOD LUCK!
Disclosure- I received no monetary compensation for this review, only two free $35 Gift Cards provided to the winners of the giveaway provided by Jiffy Lube.  The words and information expressed in this review are my own as well as provided by Jiffy Lube.  No purchase necessary to enter and void where prohibited by law.


Mommy1978 said...

Thanks for posting this info about Jiffy Lube. I didn't realize that they were running a contest. I missed the deadline for this one, but I'll keep my eyes open for more in the future.

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