Monday, July 26, 2010

Fancy Meeting You Monday

Ok all, here is another great new blog hop that I am excited to have found!  Fancy Meeting You Monday from those great ladies over at Midday Escapes and One2Try, a couple of my absolute favorite blogs.  You have to join this once, it looks like a blast.

Just to introduce myself to the new followers and readers to come along.  
I am Eloise, a 36 year old SAH mommy to two little girls, ages almost two and almost eight (their birthdays are both in September).  I have been married for 15 years almost to the hard working love of my life and now we have acquired a new family member in our 4 year old mutt name Chase.  I love to blog, love to find new blogs to read, love music and sports and running reviews and giveaways for everyone to enjoy.  That is me in a small nutshell!

Enjoy the blog hop!

Welcome to Fancy Meeting You Monday - Blog Hop hosted by Midday Escapades and One 2 Try. We love finding new blogs and hope you join us by linking your blog.

Visit our Featured Blog!

Simpy Stacie

In Stacie's own words:

I am the mother of two beautiful girls and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I began my blog in December 2008 after discovering the world of blog reviews and giveaways. I thought it looked like fun and something I could do as a stay at home mom. I started out by hosting my own giveaways for stuff I had at home. I remember how excited I was when I was contacted to do my first review! It just kind of grew from there!

Since then, my blog has grown in leaps and bounds. I still do reviews and giveaways, but have started branching out into social media and helping other bloggers. I always do my best to share my finds with others either on blog or my Facebook page. I have a team of reviewers (both book and product) from the US & Canada who are fabulous ladies to work with. I love talking to my readers and other bloggers and am always trying to think of new and fun things to do with my blog! Its been a great ride so far!

It is nice to "meet" you, Stacie!

Each week, we will select a blog from the prior week's link up to highlight as the Featured Blog so we can all get to know them a little better.

Here is how you can have others "meet" your blog:

* On the linky, list your blog with a brief description of your main blog theme.

Example One 2 Try - Reviews and Giveaways, Midday Escapades - All around fun (whatever your blog specializes in). It can be giveaways, reviews, recipes, parenting, couponing, mommy blog etc. Let others know what your blog is all about in a few short words so they can find the topics they like.

By participating in Fancy Meeting You, please show your hosts some bloggy love by visiting their blogs: Midday Escapades and One 2 Try.

Spread the Love:

* Take a moment to create a Fancy Meeting You post for readers to find out more about you and your blog.

* Add the Fancy Meeting You button to your blog so bloggers know to link up here and be able to comment on your blog!!

Fancy Meeting You

* Feel free to share Fancy Meeting You with others by tweeting or posting on Facebook.

Continue to spread the word and find more blogs that you like to read and watch your Fancy Meeting You community grow. It is a fun way to meet and greet the types of blogs you enjoy. If you like them, follow or subscribe to them! It is that simple. Have fun!

* On the linky, list your blog with a brief description of your main blog theme.


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