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Dream Big Toy Company-Go! Go! Sports Girls Review and Giveaway

This spring my oldest daughter played soccer for school for the first time.  She was really excited at times, but also very "lazy" and didn't want to go to practice a lot of the time.  We really wanted to push her into not only getting more active but to also do something to get her more involved with school and interact with other kids her age.  Hubby played soccer from the time he was a little younger than the oldest right up until the time he graduated high school.  He was also a soccer coach for many years and coached kids of all ages as well.  So when the opportunity cam up for the oldest to get into soccer, he was the first one to want to get her signed up.  Let me tell you, she fought with us about it for a while, she is not the most ambitious child by any means.  As she got more into it and especially on game days, she was ready, for the most part.  We have had a really hard time getting her involved in anything lately, but at the end of the soccer season, she was enjoying herself, giving it her best, and participating in the games at her best level.  She is already signed up for the fall soccer season with her dad as her coach, it should be a fun and exciting time for all of us and I got a chance to say back in the Spring, I am officially a soccer mom!

The reason I bring up soccer and sports in general is that I had a wonderful opportunity recently to review a Go! Go! Sports Doll from the Dream Big Toy Company.  These dolls are really neat but the one I picked was obviously Cassie, the Soccer Girl.  Here's a description of Cassie:

Cassie is speedy and likes to score goals!  Her favorite soccer position is right forward.  Before playing Cassie always puts on sunscreen and stretches.  During the game, she drinks plenty of water and at halftime she eats a healthy snack, like an apple.  When Cassie is off the field, she likes playing board games and swimming.
The day I received this doll, I was excited to give it to my oldest, but I actually decided to wait a couple of days to give it to her for a special gift.  This doll is by far the coolest and cutest doll that I have ever seen.  Cassie comes with her own soccer uniform complete with a teal colored jersey with a yellow star on the front, black soccer shorts, white socks and black cleats.  She also has a little yellow backpack complete with soccer ball.  The thing that really gets me about this Go! GO! Sports Girls Doll if that when you lift up her shirt, kind of "tattooed" on her belly is the words "Dream Big, Score Goals."  It brought a smile to my face because whether you're playing soccer or any other sport for that matter, it is always good to dream big and go as far as you can, to give it your all.  Scoring goals, well that's only a small fraction of playing soccer as I learned the hard way while the oldest was playing soccer last spring.  Where as she didn't get that first elusive goal, she did dream big so to speak and play hard.  It's not if or how many goals you score, but being a team player and doing your best, that is the way of the game.  

Needless to say, when I gave this Go! Go! Sports Girls doll to the oldest, she was very grateful and appreciative.  It was so much fun when I was asked to review these and asked to pick which one I wanted to review, that this was one of the dolls available.  The oldest loved her Go! Go! Sports doll and was really anxious to show it off to the neighbors next door.  Her little friends loved it as well and so did the members of our family that were here that day for a cookout when I gave it to her.  She has since carried it everywhere with her and always has to tell everyone that she runs across that she is a soccer player.  This doll is a great representation of what the oldest says she wants to be.  The great things about this selection of dolls too is that it raises the confidence in our children that they can not only play the sports they loves but to be able to achieve the level of the sport that they want to achieve.  I just love these dolls and am waiting for the oldest to get into another sport so I can buy her one for that one too!  Of course little one will be playing sports too before I know so I will have to get a few for her too.

Whether your girls are involved in golf, basketball, running, tennis, gymnastics, dance, softball, or swimming, there is a fun, cute and lovable Go! Go! Sports Girls doll that is just for them.  You will truly be amazed and the quality and detail of these one of a kind dolls.

The creator of these beautiful Go! Go! Sports Girls has always been involved in sports and for many years coached "Girls On the Run", a program which encourages girls to make healthy choices in life through running.  It was while working with these girls that she had an idea.  She realized that there was a need for a positive for girls that was not only age appropriate, proportioned properly, and sent a positive message about a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and emotionally through sports.  
She spent two years launching the product from rough sketch to the fall of 2008 debut of the tennis girl doll at the US Open in New York, where 500 dolls sold out in six days.  While designing the doll, she worked very closely with her consultant, which also happened to be her daughter.  The whole point of the business is to send the message to girls to dream big and go for it.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations that share her mission.

The Dream Big Toy Company created the Go!Go! Sports Girls dolls as a fun and educational way to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem, and overall healthy life skills among youths 3-12 years old regardless of race or socioeconomic class.  These dolls are size and age appropriate and do not encourage an older or overly mature image.  They are made from high quality cloth that is safe and durable.  They are also comfortable, light and easy for a child to take to sleep or play.  

For more information and to see all of the great dolls that the Dream Big Toy Company and Go!Go! Sports Girls Dolls has to offer, please head over HERE.   You can purchase the Go!Go! Sports Girls Dolls at, Target, Sears, Sports Unlimited, and Kohl's.

The Dream Big Toy Company would like to offer one lucky Mommy2TwoGirls reader a Go! Go! Sports Doll of your choosing. (approx value $20)

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Head on over to the Go! Go! Sports Girls site and tell me which doll you would love to get if you win.

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Disclosure-I received no monetary compensation for this review, only a free Go! Go! Sports Girls doll in exchange for my honest opinions.  The words expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.  Additional information provided by the Go! Go! Sports Girls website.  No purchase necessary to enter and void where prohibited by law. 


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