Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog Bash Post-High School

Today I am blogging about high school for the Not Your Average Teen Blog Bash.  The title of the post is Rekindle, where we are supposed to think back to high school and tell a story about what happened.

I honestly don't have fond memories of my years in high school.  I was pretty much a loner, whereas I had a few friends, there really wasn't anyone that I hung around with on a regular basis.  I was picked on most of the time I was in school and more so during the first three years of high school.  I really try not to think about it much, it's hard to have any good memories when most of them were bad.  I didn't even have a boyfriend in high school, my first boyfriend came almost two years after I got out of school if you can believe it.  

If I had to pick a good thing, it would be my Junior Prom.  I didn't have a date, a bunch of us girls all got together and went "stag" as they called it.  It was a lot of fun and it was so funny that I came across the picture of us all the other day as I was going through things around the house.  We all went to dinner at Burger King beforehand, nothing fancy.  I remember my dress was a satin peachy number.  It was actually fun hanging out with the girls.  

Senior Year was another great memory.  I had a great teacher that I totally loved and it was funny how all of those people that had spent so much time picking on me for so many years all came together and wanted to talk to me.  Funny still is now I am friends with most of them on Facebook and when I just so happen to run across them in town once in a while I get hugs and friendly conversation.  In my Senior Year, I was named "Most Likely To Change" and I lived up to that with being married for almost 15 years and having two beautiful girls.  My how things have definitely changed since high school.


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