Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Bash Challenge #5-I Got It From My Momma

For the last and final challenge in the Not Your Average Teen Blog Bash, Brittany Ciara has asked us to write a post dedicated to our mothers whether it be a memory or a time she inspired me.  Writing about my mother is definitely not an easy task because it sometimes hurts remembering the good times knowing she is no longer with me.  A wonderful time that I remember vividly even though I was really young was a trip that we took to Hawaii.  I was 7 years old and I was with my mother and the other very important lady in my life: my grandmother.  We did so much sight seeing together and ate so much pineapple it made me sick, that's probably why I still don't eat pineapple today.  It was one of the few times that I actually felt close to my mother and had fun with her.  My mother got sick a short time after that and her memory wasn't good.  She always knew who I was, but between the diabetes and the mental issues that she secretly suffered, special and close times like this were few and far between.  My mother loved me, there was no doubt about it and I loved her as well, she was in her own right an inspiration to me because of the courage she had to fight the diseases that plagued her for most of her life.  My mother was a strong lady, that was for sure, and at times she was the sweetest person that you would ever want to meet.  My mother was an inspiration to me right up to the day she passed away and is still an inspiration to me because I know she is no longer suffering and is the person she has always wanted to be.  My mother and I shared a lot of moments together that were unlike some of you have shared with your mothers, whether she really knew it or not.  One thing is for certain, she was always my mother no matter what and I will remember her always.

Thanks Brittany Ciara for a great Blog Bash.



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