Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Design Giveaway

Once in a while, I get to step away from blogging for a couple of minutes to enter a couple of great giveaways.  I would love to share this one with you as well.  
Do you need a new blog design or maybe just want a makeover for your blog?  Maybe you would like a new modern look or change some of the colors and get a new header?  Well Shibley Smiles is giving you an opportunity with their Blog Design giveaway.  Shibley Smiles has a really cute, colorful and eye catching design that I absolutely love!  Here is what the winner will receive:

'm so excited to be hosting my first giveaway, and even better I do not have to wait on anyone once the winner is selected. This giveaway is for me personally to design your blog based on your own taste.

You will be able to choose one of 4 layouts and from there we will work together to design the graphics and colors you would like to see. Here are the links to all four layouts you will be able to choose from:

Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 3
Layout 4 is this blog-Shibley Smiles design

What you should be evaluating is the number of columns, the position of the graphics and navigation bars, and the overall feel of the layout. All graphics and colors will be customized to your liking. Should you want additional features I may be able to provide them as well it just depends on what they are. For example numbered comments, additional pages with a graphic, etc.

You will be able to choose either one of my own personal design kits or one that I will purchase at Gotta Pixel. (Note: not all designs at Gotta Pixel may be used for blogging purposes I will first have to get the consent of the designer, if the kit is listed as a commercial kit then no consent is needed.)

These blogs are templates I have redesigned and modified with my own touches, the copyright at the bottom of the design must be left in place.

If you already like the layout of your design and are just looking for new graphics I may be able to do that as well, it just depends on what copyrights are already in the template.

Note: This giveaway is for a BLOGGER design only I do not have access to test on Wordpress or other platforms.


For your chance to win, please head over to Shibley Smiles.

Have a great day! :)


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