Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Xtrema Healthy Cookware Review and Giveaway

I love to cook, sometimes I am not the greatest at it and have a hard time coming up with new and exciting dinner ideas. I have had the same set of fry pans since my hubby and I got married almost 15 years ago. I think we might have bought 2 other pans somewhere in between, but a lot of my poor pans are wore out and things tend to stick in them when I'm not careful. I have never heard of healthy cookware before I ran across Xtrema. Xtrema offers a unique line of healthy, green and ceramic cookware that is versatile, durable and able to withstand high heat. Xtrema was generous to send me a 10" Skillet to review. The day I received it, we had a chicken meal planned for dinner and I seen this as the perfect opportunity to take this skillet for a test drive. First of all right off the bat, I noticed that you don't need to turn up the heat real high for this skillet. The recommended use is to put your skillet on your stove and let the pan heat up on medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes, which I did. I added olive oil to the pan to cook the chicken in and in no time that pan was hot and my olive oil sizzling. I really love this skillet because it has a nice even cook, instead of the middle of the pan being really hot and the sides being cool. All of the chicken cooked at the same time, which I haven't had happen in quite a while! This skillet is truly amazing to use and even easier to clean. I love the long handle too, it is long and stays cool to the touch. Another great feature of this Xtrema 10" Skillet is that is is non-scratch. I was reading the cleaning care instructions and it says you could use Soft Scrub and Brillo Pads and it won't scratch the pan. I am excited to try some of the other wonderful products from Xtrema is well. I can tell I will have my skillet to use around my home for a very long time to come.

The nice folks at Xtrema also sent me a 3 piece Tea Set, complete with a really nice ceramic mug, little tea pot and tea mug infuser. Hubby really loved this because he is the HUGE tea drinker in our house and was anxious to try out some of the loose leaf teas that he got for Christmas this year. I think the day we received this, he had about four cups of tea that evening and really enjoyed using the infuser. He said it was really easy to use. He uses the mug almost on a daily basis for his coffee. If he keeps it up, I will have to buy him some new loose leaf teas, because soon he will be out!

Xtrema has the healthiest and most versatile cookware and is definitely healthier than any other cookware, it has documented scientific and laboratory testing to prove it.
Some features and benefits:
*XTREMELY Green- Handmade using natural gas, clay and water.
*XTREMELY High Temperature- Cookware can withstand 2700 F, Steel can melt at 2200 F
*XTREMELY Easy To Clean-Non-scratch, Non-Toxic Ceramic Glaze Surface
*XTREMELY Attractive-High-gloss black finish
*XTREMELY Versatile- Oven, Stovetop, Broiler, Freezer, Barbecue Grill, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher and Dining Room Table
*XTREMELY Heatlhy Cookware-No trace metals or chemicals from the cooking surface or the Xtrema cooking surface, contains no harmful PTFE coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas which can occur with most popular petroleum based non stick coatings
*XTREMELY Practical-Food stays hotter longer
*XTREMELY Tasty-Ceramic Far Infrared cooking enhances the food flavor and entire cooking experience.
XTREMELY Durable- Cooking surface cannot be scratched, even by metal utensils and industrial steel wool.

All Xtrema cookware material are inorganic natural materials from our earth's crust.
The kilns used for manufacturing use clean burning and safe natural gas.
The non-scratch ceramic cooking surface is non-reactive and 100% non toxic. No odors and gases are ever released.
You can cook, serve and store foods in the same Xtrema cookware which will save you energy.

Xtrema products are available in 16 piece sets, Wok sets, Steamer sets, a variety of saucepans and so much more. To check out more information and to see everything that Xtrema has to offer, please head on over HERE. Also check out the Xtrema blog for great information.

The great folks at Xtrema would love to give one lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers a 10" Skillet of their own, like I received. ($99.99 value)

MAIN ENTRY-Mandatory and must be done before any extra entries. Please make sure that your email is visible in your comments so that I have a way to contact you if you win.

Head on over to Xtrema and tell me another product that you would love to try out AND tell me what you and your family does to stay healthy.

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Giveaway will end Thursday 2/11 at 7pm EST. Winner will be chosen via and notified by email as well as posted here on my blog. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Open to US and Canada residents ONLY! Special thanks to Bob and everyone at Xtrema for sponsoring this giveaway. GOOD LUCK!
Disclosure-I received no monetary compensation for this review, only a free skillet and tea set provided to me by Xtrema in exchange for my honest opinions. The words expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.


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