Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tired Tonight

My goal tonight was trying to get up some more of the reviews that I needed and wanted to get done, but it has been a really long day, so long in fact that my little 16 month old cutie is out for the night. She has had it so that she is asleep on her daddy with her hands up over her face as if to say "I give up". My oldest is in her room playing her Playstation and is the quietest I have seen or heard her in a long time. Thank goodness hubby took us out for a nice dinner tonight so I didn't have to come home and cook. I spent a few hours at my soon-to-be church today helping out with and attending a funeral for one of the members of the church. My heart really goes out to her and her family. She just lost her husband of 63 years last week and I just feel for her so bad. We all know loss and what it feels like, but I just can't imagine being with someone so long as this and for them to be gone, I could just see and feel the heartbreak in her eyes, the feeling of helplessness from me not being able to find the words to say. This day has really affected me and I found as I sat down and tried to write a review tonight, I just couldn't concentrate. It has definitely been a long, hard day, so tonight I am taking the night off from writing reviews and I am going to get some rest and hope that tomorrow is a better day.


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