Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Blog Design

Well, hopefully by now, you have all seen the wonderful new blog design here at Mommy2TwoGirls. I am extremely proud of it and I think it turned out so amazingly colorful and cute! This blog was designed by Bobbie from Bobbie Sea Creations and I found her when I posted that I needed and wanted a little help to create a professional looking and eye catching new blog. She was quickly there to help me and she assisted me with all the help I needed. As you all know and I'm sure I have said it before, I am completely clueless when it comes to the technicalities of making my own backgrounds and such. I know how to write reviews and put up buttons, but that's about it.I was lucky enough to find Bobbie, who made a lot of great suggestions and asked my opinions on what I wanted. She got this new blog up in less than two days and I am really happy with it and proud as well.
Bobbie Sea Creations is very reasonable on her prices. She will build a custom, one of a kind blog just for you. Bobbie will consult with you first and ask you what exactly do you want. If she can do it, she definitely will. She has started her own blog where you can see for yourself all of the prices and service that she has to offer to make you a wonderful looking blog. She is WAY beyond talented and knows exactly what she is doing. As a novice myself, I had a lot of questions and she had an answer for every single question that I had for her. I absolutely urge you, if you need a fresh look to your blog and have been wondering where to go or what you want to do with it, contact Bobbie at Bobbie Sea Creations. Check out her blog for everything and her email address is also listed there on her blog.

Bobbie Sea Creations Blog Prices-
1 Header, Backgrounds, Button and Signature-$15.00
1 Header, Backgrounds, Blinkie and Signature-$20.00
1 Header, Backgrounds, Blinkie or Buttons, and Side Buttons-$25.00
1 Headers, Backgrounds, Blinkie or Button, Side Buttons and Dividers-$30.00
Installation of any of the above-$10.00 extra

To check out all of the other things that Bobbie has to offer and for more information, please visit Bobbie's blog

Special thanks to Bobbie at Bobbie Sea Creations for designing me this awesome new blog!


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