Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrating Groundhog Day

As we all know in a couple of days is Groundhog Day and we know the legend of Punxsutawney Phil the legendary groundhog that comes out every year on February 2 and either sees his shadow and we get six more weeks of winter, which I for one do NOT want to see this year or he doesn't. Here is a great website to check out for some great information on our favorite little groundhog: Groundhog Day.

This is the only day of the year that we devote to rodents, yes I was shocked to find out that a groundhog is indeed a rodent. This is also a day that we can spend time with our families and not only have fun, but get educated on some of our favorite rodents such as the lovable and oh so adorable Mickey Mouse. Mickey has been a big part of my life since I was a child. I remember watching the Original Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well as a ton of movies and special cartoons and loved them. My little one now loves to watch the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves to do the "hot dog" dance. Who can also forget the little mice in Cinderella who made sure that she made it to see her Prince Charming? Without them, Cinderella would have never got her beautiful dress and been able to be with the man she loved. A few others include: Fievel from An American Tale, that cute and cuddly Stuart Little, the possum brothers Eddie and Crash from the Ice Age:The Meltdown movie, Remy from Ratatouille, and Despereaux from The Tale of Despereaux and who could forget Chip and Dale, just to name some. My favorite little rodents for sure would have to be Alvin and the Chipmunks, another set of my favorite characters when I was a kid. I used to not only watch the cartoons and movies, but I had a doll each of Alvin, Simon and Theodore and let me tell you, I carried all three of those dolls around with me all of the time.
Even though our Punxsutawney Phil is the star of the day, we can't forget about some of our favorite and famous rodents on this day. How will you celebrate Groundhog Day this year? Will you do anything different or go on like it's another day? To celebrate the wonder of rodents everywhere, there are many things that you and your family can do together that is fun, educational and exciting to learn about rodents. Try watching that famous movie with Bill Murray entitled Groundhog Day, where he continues to live the same day over and over again. This movie is so funny and would be great to watch together as a family. You could also watch Ratatouille, or Mickey Mouse on the Disney Channel, maybe play a game such as the Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel game or even take the kids to the theater to see the movie. Check out some great websites online of some of your favorite rodents. The possibilities are endless and you'll be amazed to see not only what you can learn, but how much fun you can have together as a family. So this year, do something different and celebrate the day of rodents. Happy Groundhog Day and here's to Phil not seeing his shadow this year!


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