Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Blog Hopping!


Welcome to Making Friends Monday Blog Hop, hosted by Living on Love and Cents, Mon Cheri,  The Thrifty Things,  Reviewed By Mom , Coupons are Great.
Each week we will randomly pick a Spotlight Blog of the Week! To be choosen you must follow the rules and have our button somewhere on your blog. (We have to be able to find it!) This week's Spotlight is Lauren from I (Heather) have followed her blog for some time now and she has GREAT stuff! Be sure to stop by and tell her hi (&  follow).

Hello! I'm Lauren, My Blog is MidgetMomma $1200.00 Budget. For those that are wondering about the name it comes from my best friend, in high school she called me Midget (she is almost 6 foot tall and I am 4 foot 10 inches) and then when I had my first daughter it became Midget Momma:) I started my blog in 2008 but with school and having baby number 3 things got a bit crazy, so in May after I graduated I started blogging about our budget again and adjusted the budget to 800.00 for the remainder of 2010. My family uses coupons for just about everything we do, I honestly can not remember when the last time I paid full price for something was and love being able to pass information about couponing and saving money along to others:) I love doing giveaways on my blog, so keep your eye out for some more great giveaways coming soon! Other then my blog I enjoy spending time with my family, playing outside with my 3 wonderful children, shopping, reading and just having fun and living life. Thank you for choosing my blog as the spotlight blog of the week!

The rules are super simple but VERY important!
1. Follow the Making Friends Monday  Hosts (Listed as # 1-5) as well as the Spotlight Blog of the Week (listed as #6)--They WILL follow you Back! You MUST LEAVE A COMMENT so we can follow you back!
2. Grab our Making Friends Monday button and include it in a post on your blog.
3. Link up to THAT post.
4. Start hopping and remember following back is appreciated!

Help spread the word and get more followers:
-Put the same linky list code on your blog and you'll have the exact same list!
- Your blog visitors can add their blog to your list and it will show up on all lists!

**Don't forget to follow the rules so you have a chance to be the "Spotlight Blog of the Week"!

Proverbs 20:22

Do not say, "I will repay evil"; wait for the LORD, and he will deliver you.

Welcome to the second week of 'NO RULES' MGM blog hop (but please do not take advantage of this...FAMILY FRIENDLY BLOGS ONLY!!) I hope this is a GREAT beginning to your week and y'all have a fabulous one!! As always, I am so happy to have you here; you make my blog a little extra special!! I appreciate your follow and hope you enjoy your visit!! :o)


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