Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marvelous Monday Blog Hop

Welcome to the Marvelous Monday Blog Hop hosted by Mommy2TwoGirls.  I am sorry that I haven't had this posted the past few weeks, but here I am back up and running!  The rules to this blog hop are really simple:

1.) Make sure to follow me-Mommy2TwoGirls!
2.) Follow as many other blogs as you want and make sure to let them know that you are from the Marvelous Monday Blog Hop. 
3.) NO SPAM, no obscene or adult content blogs, they will be REMOVED.
4.) Please add my button to your sidebar or post and please help spread the word about my blog hop, I am new to the blog hopping world and would really like this to grow and be a big deal, so please help me to do that!  The more people and blogs that we get to join, the more fun it will be!
5.) If someone is kind enough to follow you, please make sure to follow them as well.
6.) HAVE FUN finding new friends and new blogs to read.

It's that simple!  Starting next week for sure, I will pick one blog from all of the entries to be the SPOTLIGHTED blog of the week.  I will email you around Friday and you will have the opportunity to tell everyone all about yourself and your great blog.  Thanks so much for joining and Happy Monday! :) 


Treat Traders said...

I love your blog!! I am now a follower and look forward to reading more. Would you please follow me at my blog.


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