Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Blog Hoppin'

Good Friday to all of you, hope you have been able to kick off your weekend on a good note!  I am up early this fine Friday morning, praying and hoping that in a few hours we will finally have our air conditioner system hooked up.  I don't know how the weather has been where you all are, but here in Michigan, we have seen some of the hottest temperatures of the summer and today is going to be up in the 90's with high humidities.  Our house is extremely hot, the sun beats down on it most of the day and the temperature inside the house reaches almost 82-85 degrees, making it very uncomfortable.  Even though we have fans, all they seem to do is move the hot sir around.  We are currently renting (hopefully buying soon) our house and our landlords had a new central air unit in the garage and were supposed to put it in before summer.  Well, here it is August and after a week of saying they were going to have it put in, it has been a no go.  We got a call last night that the guy should be here at 7am this morning to install it, so we'll see.  I certainly hope so!  I have never ever had air in any house that I have lived in, but my sister in law says it's a real treat.  Hopefully you are all cool and comfy where you live, seems to me this has been a hotter summer than usual.  Hot weather and I do not mix, I would rather have it cold to be quite honest.  Anyways, have a great weekend all and let's get to some Friday Blog Hoppin'! :)

Welcome to Friendly Friday!

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Thanks for joining the Friendly Friday celebration hosted by Xenia at Thanks, Mail Carrier, Christi at Frugal Novice and Charla at Healthy Home Blog! We invite you to join us every Friday to make more friends in blogville, get more blog followers and follow other great blogs out there.

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We love your participation and want to show it! In addition to gaining followers, each week we'll select three blogs at random and will feature links and a write-up for those blogs in the content of next week's Friendly Friday post. There are so many seriously wonderful blogs out there, and this will be a great way to highlight some of those each week. Say hello to the lucky chosen 3 for this week (and feel free to stop by and give them a little extra love):

Laura at Along for the Ride started blogging to keep in touch with her family, but now she also uses it to share her faith, all the crafts she makes and her job as a hall coordinator at a large university. She and her husband have been married for about a year and they actually live in a residence hall on campus with their kitty. Her blog is about being along for the ride... the ride that God has planned for her!

Melissa at Mommy Living the Life of Riley! is a SAHM and devoted wife who loves writing about her journey through motherhood. She writes about such things as the "potty training saga" groing on at their house right now with their daughter, Riley. Melissa has a lot of great giveaways, product reviews and info such as how to clean up your blog graphics so that your blog loads faster and you get more search engine links.

Having grown up in Canada, Heather at Acting Balanced is a SAHM now living in South Carolina with her husband and two children. Their family of four, however, will soon be five in November. Heather shares about their son with autism and how tough it is to be the parent of a child with a disability that can't be identified by sight. Her blog features not only their family but also book reviews, giveaways, contests and product reviews.

Now that you know about these 3 wonderful blogs, it's time for you to join in! Add your link below and we'll see you back here every Friday! And don't forget, you can grab the code to share the link list on your blog, too.

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