Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing Tree Toys-Dress Up Pirate Review

My little one loves to play with her toys and you can definitely tell by the way they are always scattered throughout the house.  She has her own bedroom filled with about three toy boxes and her own TV to watch cartoons if she wants, but for some reason she always ends up out here in the living room with me and about 50 different toys, no kidding.  I always enlist my oldest daughter to help me pick up these toys at the end of the day, I mean why bother picking them up when I know she is just going to bring them back out anyway?  There are a few toys that she really loves to play with almost on a daily basis.  She received one of her absolute favorites from a great company called Growing Tree Toys, that has a wide variety of fun educational toys and learning toys for your children.  What little one received is definitely a wonderful educational toy and learning toy, the Dress Up Pirate.  This cute little guy is from another great company called Manhattan Toy and is perfect for your growing pirate mate!  Little one loved this because she loves The Wiggles and this reminded her of Captain Feathersword, which she often calls her new little friend here, except it doesn't usually come out that way for a 21 month old.  This little guy will help your growing toddler learn important skills because it features multi colored and multi textured fabrics to explore as well as buttons, snaps, ties, zippers, and hook and loop enclosures to help teach important dressing skills.  This Dress Up Pirate also comes with his own little parrot friends and complete with the eye patch as well, that little one is always trying to take off of him.  I also love that this doll is plush so little one can cuddle with him as she drifts off to sleep or like she always does, just loves to hug and cuddle everything that she can get her hands on nowadays.  This is a great toy for development as well as fun.  I know little one truly loves to play with it and we always have to take it with us wherever we go.  She loves to play with all of the little "gadgets" on her new friend especially the buttons.  This Dress Up Pirate is recommended for ages 18 months-3 years and costs $24.95.

Growing Tree Toys is definitely more than just a website full of toys, they are a family owned business in State College, PA for more than 30 years.  They have been changing the way that children play by providing them with the highest quality toys available.  After 25 years of selling toys only to their local customers, they opened in 2003 aiming to provide the same excellent toys as well as excellent service that has made them successful for many years.  Growing Tree is more than an online toy website, it is a virtual representation of their store offering the customers the amazing service, wonderful toys and robust features that they deserve from shopping online.  It features a carefully chosen, well rounded toy selection, unique product details and descriptions, great information on play, helpful suggestions for gift givers, the best gift finder available, and so much more. is truly a specialty toy store website with the health and happiness of children at heart.

Whether your looking for toys for your your infants all the way up to 11 year olds and older, you will find exactly what you are looking for over at Growing Tree Toys.  From arts and crafts to bath toys, books, construction toys, dolls and dollhouse, puzzles and so much more, your children will be entertained and learn with each toy.  Growing Tree Toys also features great brands such as Alex Toys, Calico Critters, Creativity For Kids, Melissa and Doug, and Plan Toys just to name a few.  For more information and to see all that Growing Tree Toys has to offer, please head over HERE.

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Disclosure- I received a Dress Up Pirate doll from Growing Tree Toys in exchange for my honest opinions.  The words expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.  Additional information provided by the Growing Tree Toys website.


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