Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some New Winners

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday afternoon. I have some new winners to announce today..are you one of the lucky ones?

The winner of the Protect A Bed Crib or Twin Mattress Protector is:
COMMENT #22-christinew-CONFIRMED

The winner of the YouFloral Vase Expressions and Choice of Flower Bouquet is:
COMMENT #57-misty

The winner of The Vintage Pearl $50 Gift Certificate is:

The winners of the KinderGlo Quarter Moon Nightlights are:
COMMENT #4-Jennifer McCullar-CONFIRMED

The winner of the Uncommonly Cute Tee of Choice is:
COMMENT #85-philosophyandmixtapes

The winner of the Zillow Pillow of Choice is:
COMMENT #3-winnieayala

The winner of the Chunky Bling Ring is:
COMMENT #14-joanpenfold

I have sent all of the winners emails and am awaiting confirmation. Please remember that you have 48 hours to respond. NOTE: I have been counting comments from the top to the bottom and just realized that the newer comments are on the top instead of the bottom. Starting next time when I choose winners, I will be counting from the bottom to the top, hope this is not confusing to you. I am in the process of possible changing my comment system to make it a little easier. Thanks so much for entering and have a great day as well as a great weekend coming up.


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