Friday, May 28, 2010

Friendly Friday, New Friend Friday, and Follow Me Friday

Welcome to another wonderful Friday of blog hopping!  I just look forward to this so much every week.  I spend a lot of time on Fridays getting to know new people and finding some truly fun blogs to follow.  If you haven't taken part in a blog hop, you don't know what you're missing, it is so easy to do.  It is a great way to not only gain new followers to your blog, but to just have loads of FUN!  Give it a try!:)

Welcome to Friendly Friday!

Thanks for joining the Friendly Friday celebration hosted by Xenia at Thanks, Mail Carrier, Christi at Frugal Novice and Charla at Healthy Home Blog! We invite you to join us every Friday to make more friends in blogville, get more blog followers and follow other great blogs out there.

To join in the Friendly Friday celebration, include your link in our list, follow the hostesses in the first 3 spots and then start blog hopping! Visit other blogs on the list and comment to give them some blog love. Then take a minute to follow them through Google Friend Connect - this is a good way to keep up with other blogs, but also lets us show support to each other!

When people comment on your blog and let you know they're a part of Friendly Friday, return the favor and follow them back. This way everyone gets traffic and followers out of participating, and it's a win-win situation. We would love for you to also grab our Friendly Friday button and post it on your blog and/or in a post - the more bloggers that find out about Friendly Friday and participate, the better!

Spotlight on Friendly Friday Followers!

We love your participation and want to show it! In addition to gaining followers, each week we'll select three blogs at random and will feature links and a write-up for those blogs in the content of next week's Friendly Friday post. There are so many seriously wonderful blogs out there, and this will be a great way to highlight some of those each week. Say hello to the lucky chosen 3 for this week (and feel free to stop by and give them a little extra love)...

Who doesn't love to read about delicious food, find new recipes to try and drool over their pictures? At One Crazy Cookie, Tiffanee offers ideas for every meal, from appetizers to freezer meals to desserts, with a dose of money-saving tips thrown in and a menu plan every Monday for inspiration. You can't go wrong and you'll love her warm writing style! Now, please excuse me while I go back to yearning for those Cream Cheese Brownie Bites...

Niky at Design It Chic loves everything pretty and chic and fills her blog with an assortment of thoughts and questions, some of which are both humorous but still thought-provoking. I mean, what do you do when your socks rip? Each week Niky shares a little about herself in her answer and you'll have a great time getting to know her this way. Plus, she's right - no one wants neighbors who shovel at 5:45 am!

With the motto "One life = 1000 things left to try," Mayra at In Lovely Heels provides a place to find inspiration. Whether it be for your home, family, sweet tooth or life, she encourages readers to pursue their dreams and surround themselves with happiness. You'll find great ideas for home decor and fashion, as well as be able to follow Mayra's wonderful journey to discover her passion for baking. When do I get a Pink Crafty Room?

Now that you know about these 3 wonderful blogs, it's time for you to join in! Add your link below and we'll see you back here every Friday!

Special note: After last week's first Friendly Friday, we have decided to extend the hours to make it easier for more people to participate - and besides, who doesn't want a little extra time to be friendly? The linky will stay open until 1 pm EST/noon CST starting this week and, beginning next week, Friendly Friday will be posted at 11 pm EST/10 pm CST. See you then!

Check out the one from The Girl Creative and Trendy Treehouse

  • Add a link to your main blog
  • Visit the blog of the person whose name is above and below your name in the list and comment on their blog.
  • Visit as many blogs as you can and leave comments telling them you are visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative.
  • There is no obligation to follow everyone who follows you. Please just follow the blogs that are of interest to you. :)
  • Family Friendly Blogs ONLY please. Explicit sites will be removed.
So, grab a button, post it somewhere on your blog and get ready to make some new friends!

The Girl Creative
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It's that simple. Have fun!
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