Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, here it is, my most favorite time of the football season, especially special this year that my Indianapolis Colts made it to the big game AGAIN. The last time that my Colts made it to the Super Bowl, my daughter made a big GO COLTS sign and we decorated the house in blue and white with streamers and balloons everywhere. I had my #18 Peyton Manning shirt on and it was fun for all because everyone was rooting for the Colts. We always look forward to the commercials, food and drinks and usually the halftime show, but The Who this year really doesn't interest me much. This year we will be decorating the house in not only blue and white, but black and gold as well. This should be fun because everyone is picking their sides. On one side, my oldest daughter and I are rooting for the Colts. We will be donning out new Peyton Manning jerseys that hubby bought especially for us today, what a sweet guy. On the other side, my sister in law and hubby (who bought himself a Drew Brees jersey today also) will be a part of the Who Dat? nation and will be rooting for the New Orleans Saints. This was the game that I predicted to be at the beginning of the season because I knew it would be a good one. I have nothing mean to say about the Saints, they deserve to be where they are right now in this Super Bowl. This is definitely going to be a fun one and I am looking forward to the end of the game when Peyton Manning is named the MVP of the game and raises that trophy once again. Then hubby will have to go out on Monday and buy me a Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Champions T shirt! Good luck Colts and Saints, this should be a Super Bowl history making game.


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