Monday, February 1, 2010

My Thoughts on the Grammys

I love award shows, I like to see what people are wearing, who's performing, who's with who, all that fun. Last night, I shut off the computer at 8 o clock and watched 3 1/2 hours of the Grammy Awards and I was actually impresses at most it. Compared to the American Music Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards, this show actually was a ton better. Of course, my favorite awards shows have to be the CMA's and ACM Country Music Awards but the Grammy's actually ranked pretty high on my list. Kicking it off, Lady Gaga. Yes, I do like her music-Poker Face is actually one of my new favorite songs.Yes, she is a little strange and her outfits leave little to the imagination. I loved the duet with Elton John, that was the greatest. Some of my other favorite key points in the night? The Black Eyed Peas were great, I love their music. Beyonce was great as always. The high point was definitely the Michael Jackson tribute. As you all know, I am a HUGE MJ fan and have done a couple of posts about him since he passed away. Whereas the tribute was great, I was hoping for MORE, like the artists singing a medley of his songs or more footage of Michael himself. Yes, I did cry when his beautiful children walked out onstage. Wondered to myself if MJ would have still been with us, what kind of performance he would have given us for the Grammy's this year. A couple of low points? Would have to be Taylor Swift in general. I just don't like her music, although the duet with Stevie Nicks was OK, I love Stevie Nicks and have always been a BIG Fleetwood Mac fan. Just really getting tired of seeing Ms. Swift win everything and don't really think it is deserved. Another low point? The last performance with Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem. I love me some Eminem, rap is by far not my favorite type of music but Eminem is cool and Travis Barker from Blink 182, awesome drummer. It just stunk that half of the performance was bleeped out because they couldn't get their language in control. Also, who would have thought that Kings of Leon would win Record of the Year? Use Somebody, pretty good song, don't get me wrong but Record of the Year, don't really think so. The Mary J Blige/Andrea Bocelli duet was pretty good, just wish she would have actually sang the song instead os scream it, but Andrea Bocelli is way beyond talented, I absolutely love his voice. All in all a pretty good show, definitely will have to keep your eye on who's who to make it next year. I would love to hear what you all thought, please feel free to post your comments on the show, your favorites and not so favorites, all comments welcome! :)


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