Friday, February 26, 2010

EcoSMART Organic Pesticide Products Review and Giveaway

I know it's winter and a lot of us aren't worrying about killing ants, bugs and all of those other little pests that somehow find a way to get into your home and also bother you while you're outside enjoying a beautiful summer day.  There's nothing I hate worse than ants and ants getting into my house irritates me to no end.  Flies are bad too, those pesky little creatures always seem to fly into the house somehow and trying to eat outside, forget about it.  As soon as they sense food, they swarm all around you making it impossible to enjoy your food or having to come inside, which for me is no fun.  Hubby buys a lot of pesticides and such, but with two little girls running around, I think of their safety and not having to inhale the fumes of these products.  If I put out ant traps around the house we take the chance of little one grabbing them and putting them in her mouth.  I haven't been able to find any natural or organic pesticides around my part of town or anywhere else, until now.  I was really excited to find EcoSMART, a great line of organic pesticide products,  pest control, insect repellents and more that are all natural, proven effective and non-toxic so they are safe around your children and pets with none of those awful fumes to breathe in.  The generous folks over at EcoSMART allowed me to choose one of their great Value Bundles for review.  Of course I got input from hubby on this one, him being the gardener and caretaker of the yard.  He chose the Safe Picnic Bundle for our review.  This bundle came with a bottle of Home Pest Control, a can of Flying Insect Killer and 2 bottle of Insect Repellent, to us this was the perfect bundle of all natural pesticides.  The girls are always outside, the oldest can't wait for the cold weather to go away so she can head out to her swingset and also ride her bike.  Little one loves to play in the grass, but always gets bit up by ants, gnats and mosquitoes, which are especially bad out here on the lake where we live.  I look forward to using this Insect Repellent this summer because I can feel safe and confident that not only is it doing it's job, but doing the job naturally so my kiddos don't get big red bites all over their arms, neck and legs.  Sure I have used my share of repellents, but some are so sticky and don't provide the long-lasting coverage that my active girls and us need without having to reapply regularly.  This Insect Repellent from EcoSMART keeps those pesky bugs and insects away for hours, so the kids and parents can stay outside and enjoy themselves.  This powerful, all natural formula is made from organic plant oils such as rosemary, cinnamon leaf, and lemongrass, providing a light refreshing fragrance while repelling mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and other annoying pests.  This sounds absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to give it a try.
The Flying Insect Killer is also made with organic plant oils and kills flies, gnats, mosquitoes, crickets and more on contact.  That's great for me because crickets are annoying and always seem to get into places where you can't see them.  One little spray of this and I don't have to worry about listening to them anymore.  There's also no pesticide residue, and that's definitely a huge plus for me.
The Home Pest Control can be used either indoors or outdoors, is made with organic plant oils such as clove, rosemary, peppermint and thyme and repels over 100 different home invading pests.  I highly recommend these great products and the other available from EcoSMART.
EcoSMART Technologies is the world leader in safe pesticide solutions and is a venture backed company with patented technology and a world class management team.  Their mission is to create the world's safest, most effective pesticides based on natural ingredients.  EcoSMART has 15 years of scientific research and a wealth of patents behind them.  They make the only 100% safe insecticide that is proven to work and also offer the only complete line of EPA exempt pesticides sold in the US.
EcoSMART was the first company to apply modern science to essential plant oils.  Their products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for essential oils.  
EcoSMART's products are safe around children, pets and the environment.  The are university tested and field-proven and have been issued 40 US patents and 55 foreign patents.  They have provided natural pest control for agricultural and commercial markets for many years.  EcoSMART products are available in leading retail stores and in their online store.  For more information on these great products and to see all that EcoSMART has to offer, please head over HERE.  

EcoSMART would love to provide one of my lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers one of the following bundles of their choosing:

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Disclosure- I received no monetary compensation for this review, only free products provided to me by EcoSMART in exchange for my honest opinions.  The words expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.


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