Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Follow Topic-Random Friday Thoughts

Good morning and happy Friday Follow to all of you who have participated and all of you newbies who are just joining us. I seen something similar to this on another blog and thought I would give it a try. Here are some random Friday thoughts for you:

*Watching Good Morning American this morning and my heart goes out to the family of the Sea World trainer that got attacked and killed a few days ago. Did I hear that guy say it was her fault because of her ponytail?

*Congratulations to South Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na for taking the gold medal in the Olympics last night. Her performance was amazing! The figure Skater from Canada Joannie Rochette made me cry, hard to believe she lost her mom four days ago. Believe me, I know how she feels.

*Really tired of winter and all of this snow. They say we have a 100% chance for more snow along with blowing and drifting. Going to make it hard to go grocery shopping later, but I'm going anyway.

*Congratulations to the Canadian Women's Hockey team for winning the gold medal last night. Also congrats to the US women for grabbing the silver, nothing to be ashamed about.

*Church choir practice was a ton of fun last night. It didn't feel like we got a whole lot of singing in in between all the laughing we were doing.

*Glad last Sunday is over. I joined the church, got baptized, my girls got baptized, I had to sing in choir, and it was communion Sunday too. Busy day!

*Got the new furniture this week. It looks great and has that new furniture smell. I finally got the new living room that I have been wanting for the 15 years I've been married. Our furniture is cocoa and the carpet and trim around the windows is a pretty shade of green, hubby says it is out mint chocolate chip room.

*Survivor last night was pretty good-glad to see Randy go, yet was hoping they would get rid of Parvati, she really annoys me. Impressed by Rob's hard work, beginning to see what Amber sees in him.

*Really bummed to see that they found the body of "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig, such a bummer. He had everything going for him, too bad he was in such pain.

*Getting tired of fighting with my 7 year old daughter, don't know why she has to be so mouthy and always looking for a fight, also tired of picking up her room, she just doesn't want to do anything.

*Love that my 17 month old daughter helps me around the house, she loves to help pick up her blankets out of the crib, help me pick up pillows when I make the bed, and helps pick up her toys. Some days it's amazing what she does!

*Really sad to see the Olympics come to an end this weekend. I have really enjoyed watching them and spending several late nights getting into all of the drama that is figure skating. Oh well at least I got something to look forward to in 2014.

*Been doing a lot of organizing around the house this week, bookshelves and cupboards, the house is starting to look really good, now if I could just get down in the basement and get that done.

*I love Handy Manny, this is a really a cute show and little one sure does like it.

*Hoping to get my hockey fix this weekend, hard to believe there are only 22 regular season games left in our season here in Muskegon and then more than likely the playoffs before our professional hockey team is taken away from us. 50 years of professional hockey and poof! gone. Not really happy about this at all.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Eloise :)


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