Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oxi Clean Max Force Review and Giveaway

I hate doing laundry, it is one of the worst chores out there. Having two active girls and a hard working hubby, I end up doing laundry twice a week just to keep up with it all. I have used a lot of different brands and types of laundry detergent, because I haven't found one that truly gets the jobs done and when I do it may be on sale one week and full price the next and I might not be able to afford it. I have used off brand generic to All to Tide as well as a variety of stain removers. Some stain removers work really well, others not so much. I may have finally found help with my laundry situation after all of the time. I was SOOO lucky to have been contacted by a PR rep named Sarah who represents Oxi Clean. I'm sure a lot of you if not all of you have either heard of or tried any form of Oxi Clean products for yourself. How can you have missed the commercials of the late, great Billy Mays plugging away about how well Oxi Clean really works? I know that when it first came out, my aunt swore by it. She added it to every load of laundry especially her whites and always said she got great results. It wasn't until I tried it that I knew exactly what she was talking about. The whites were definitely whiter and the colors a lot brighter. Well, I was lucky enough to get sent two of Oxi Clean's brand new products that should be hitting your stores shelves any day now and I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to be able to get this opportunity. The products I got to try were:
*Oxi Clean Max Force Power Paks 4 in1- These are such a great products and so easy to use. Power paks seems to be the in thing lately, but these paks from Oxi Clean work with your detergent by releasing oxygen that seeks out hidden stains and makes your colors and whites brighter. Simply drop one in your wash and let it work, it's deep cleaning that works well with all temperatures. I absolutely love the results that I got with using these. With my girls, especially little one, there are sometimes stains that I don't see until it's too late. There's also some stains that I see and know that are there but forget to spray. With Oxi Clean Max Force Power Paks, I feel confident that if I do indeed forget to do that, that they will take care of the stains and make my clothes look their best without those embarrassing stains. I absolutely love these and these will be a staple in my home and in my laundry regime.
*Oxi Clean Max Force Gel Stick- This stick is key for me to have in my household. It is so easy to use and ready when you are! It helps you get the stains out the first time, It comes equipped with a special applicator that gets those tough hard to get stains and gets deep down into clothing fibers where the thick gel formula sticks to stains and breaks them down. The color safe formula is packed with four types of stain fighters.
*Amylase Enzyme-Lifts food stains from fabrics
*Solvents/Surfactants-Dissolve and trap grease and oil
*Polymers-Bind to dirt and soils to suspend and rinse them away
*Protease Enzyme-Targets protein stains like grass and blood
This Gel Stick Pretreater works best on tough stains, even ones that set in on clothes for over a week. Just rub it on your clothes and let set for a few minutes before throwing it into your normal load of wash.

Both of these new Oxi Clean Max Force products are a must have. Oxi Clean products have been around for a while and has been a trusted name in my family for years. More than 15 years ago, scientists came up with a way to harness the power of oxygen to clean better than ever before. The breakthrough was Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover, a cleaning sensation that virtually revolutionized the industry. Today there are several Oxi Clean products to fit your needs that all contain oxygen.
The Oxi Clean formulation is actually a combination of ingredients, the chief ingredients being hydrogen peroxide. Another essential part of the formula is surfactants or detergents. Combined these ingredients work together to do amazing things like:
*Making stains soluable in water
*Emulsifying oils
*Lifting stains off surfaces
*Providing the right combination for the right job
Oxi Clean is environmentally sensible, powered by the air we breathe and water we drink so it uses the environment to fight stains, it is also biodegradable.

For more information on these new Oxi Clean Max Force products and all of the other great products that Oxi Clean has to offer, head over HERE.

The great folks at Oxi Clean would love to give one of my lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers a set of the NEW Oxi Clean Max Force products that I received. (Oxi Clean Max Force Power 4 in 1 Paks and Oxi Clean Max Force Gel Stick)

ENTRY-Mandatory and must be done. Please make sure that your email address is visible in your comments so I have a way to contact you if you win.

Let me know what is your biggest stain story, what was it, how you did or didn't get it out, etc.

This will be the ONLY entry for this giveaway. I will be reading through your stories and picking the best, most creative story from all entries to receive the Oxi Clean products. Please no entries like "Pick me" or "Great Giveaway". Entries like this will be deleted. Open to US residents ONLY! Giveaway will end Sunday 3/7 at 7 pm EST. Winner will be notified by email and posted here on my blog. Special thanks to Sarah and everyone at Oxi Clean for sponsoring this giveaway. GOOD LUCK!
Disclosure- I received no monetary compensation for this review, only free products provided to me by Oxi Clean and Edelman in exchange for my honest opinions. The words expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.


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