Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Day!

Well of course, on a day where I desperately wanted to work on my blog, picking winners and getting up some new reviews and giveaways, I was without my internet ALL DAY. To make matters even worse, at 1pm, my TV went out so I couldn't even watch my soap operas. My oldest and I spent the day going through old toys and crayons, getting things ready for Christmas. She didn't know it, but we were making room for the new toys and art supplies that she's getting for Christmas. Officially, I am done with my Christmas shopping, I bought the stocking stuffers tonight, now all I have to do is wrap everything. So tomorrow, I will get all caught up on winners, and there will hopefully be quite a few new giveaways up. Hope you all had a better Monday! Look for the first giveaway up tomorrow morning!

Eloise :)


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