Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something Special For the Holidays

I wanted to let you all know about something really special that I was contacted about today. I have a really great review opportunity coming up from YES! Skincare, which is a really wonderful company. This holiday season, they have a great book out: "Simple Solutions for Women! (diet and exercise not required) This sounds like a great book that I know you would find very helpful in your daily lives.
Why is this book different from any other book that you have read? It's not a book about makeovers, or throwing anything out. It's not about another project or jobs for you to do. This book is about getting back to basics and about building on what you already own. It's about maintaining your own identity and taste. This book visually allows you to apply all of this information with ease.
We have all had some rough times lately whether it be financially or personally. Things we used to do like donate money to charities have fallen by the wayside. With every online purchase of this book, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which is the perfect way to help service men and women wounded in the line of duty.
How good would you feel giving the gift of this book to your mother, sister, best girlfriend or even daughter and knowing you are doing your part to help a soldier who has fought for our country, but was hurt in that process? This book is filled with helpful information, the ladies in this book range from ages 16 to 72 so there is no limit to the information in the book helping each other to look and feel better regardless of age or how much money they have. It explains in a very friendly way the things that are important to know when getting dressed, accenting the positive or when making a new purchase spending dollars wisely.
Simple Solutions for Women(diet and exercise not required) costs $12.00 and remember this money goes to help one of our heroes while providing someone you care about with a great gift! How good would it feel to give a Wounded Warrior a special Christmas? For me, it would feel tremendous!

To learn more about the book and to order,head over here: http://lindaeastwood.com/HH-main.htm

Thanks to Lisa at YES Skincare for bringing this great cause to my attention, so that I may share it with you all.

Eloise :)


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