Monday, December 7, 2009

Bear With Me Y'all!

Hey all! I have a few giveaways that have closed, I will be picking winners for those using of course, first thing tomorrow morning. Things got a little hectic around here today with all the normal Monday activities such as laundry, cleaning the bathroom and such. I also got thrown off by our first actual snowfall of the year, which is a real pain. I should have plenty of time over the next couple of days as I will probably be snowed in! Our weather here in Michigan is getting ready to take a tumble with snow expected tomorrow all the way into Thursday (we have a Winter Storm Watch, yippee! I kept saying today, I really don't like winter. A little snow is OK and looks pretty at Christmastime but 10 inches is a little TOO much. That's what you get for living on the lake and in Michigan, we always say, don't blink because the weather can change in an instant. I think I even heard the weatherman say Thursday we could have near blizzard conditions. What I wouldn't give to be somewhere nice and warm right now! Anyways, winners will be chosen, emailed and posted in the morning and new giveaways will also be posted as well, as many as I can possibly get up, hopefully little one will cooperate. Guess I'll have to put in a couple of Wiggles DVD's! You all have a good night!

Eloise :)


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