Thursday, September 10, 2009 Review

I was contacted by Toby Eisikovic yesterday asking me to post a review about a new website named SophistiKidz, that sells great European kids clothing at below outlet prices. Toby and her husband opened up a website for these tough economic times, to help those that are passionate about European clothing but just don't have all that money to spend. They wanted to provide those people a place to shop at outlet store prices. took on a unique concept says Toby, you can buy stylish and classic European name brand children's clothing at discounted prices. The merchandise is sifted through to provide you with everlasting high end products.
The great thing is that you can purchase clothing for the current season and not worry as to whether it will fit your child.
They offer the following European designs: Alphabet, Berlingot, Butterscotch, Charabia, Clayeux, Marese, and OOXOO.
I have never seen or heard of Europ
ean clothing to be quite honest with you, but as I went to the Sophistikidz site, I was honestly impressed. I have a 1 year old daughter and as I was looking at the infant section, I saw the cutest little layette:
It is an Ademar( Marese) design and so adorable! They also have a selection of toddler girls and girls clothing. I love the selection and the prices are very reasonable. is offering free shipping on all orders over $50, that's great incentive to order your kids some truly beautiful clothing!

Head on over here:
Check out the great selection, order an outfit or two or three and ENJOY!


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