Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

YEAH! It's finally the first weekend of NFL football season. I am so excited! Watching our hometown Lions actually try and make a game out of going against the New Orleans Saints. Also keep a close eye on my Indianapolis Colts as they go on without beloved coach Tony Dungy. It's going to be really weird not seeing Dungy on the sidelines and also we will be without Peyton's target Marvin Harrison this season as well. It will be an interesting football season that's for sure, but this is what I wait for all summer long.This and hockey season, which will be coming up next month. So tired already of hearing about Brett Favre though, he should have just stayed retired. Anyways, hope you are ready for some football, because I sure am! Stay tuned for reports and talk all season!


Theta Mom said...

We are READY for some football! But, I'm not ready for the FANTASY football league. I never see my husband!!!

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