Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Ramblings

Good morning. I do have a few more giveaways and reviews to do but I am going to take a break from those today as I have a few things to do.
Today is my 7 year old daughter's birthday. Yesterday was my baby daughter's first birthday. We didn't do anything spectacular yesterday, just sang Happy Birthday to her most of the day which she really liked. Everytime we sang, she smiled and danced. We had a nice party for them last Saturday with a hot dog roast, cake and ice cream. Of course they both got tons of gifts as usual. Today my daughter was excited to go to school and bring in her birthday treats to the class. Believe it or not she chose Granola Bars, the ones with 25% less sugar. Hubby and I joked that the teacher would be happy! She also got to bring in a special birthday book, she chose a Fancy Nancy book, to take and share with the class. They have a special tote that they put all their special books in until the end of the year so everyone can enjoy them. Tonight, we are taking her out for a special dinner and then we are taking her to our local arena (L.C. Walker arena) where she will get to tour the locker room of her favorite hockey team: our local team the Muskegon Lumberjacks. She will get to meet some of the players and coaches too. We have been taking her to hockey games since she was a few weeks old, she absolutely loves hockey. She is really excited about this too. I will definitely be bringing my camera and will post you all some photos here soon!
What does everyone think about this new season of Dancing With the Stars? I absolutely love this show and was really excited for it to start. However, I am actually a little disappointed so far. My favorite at the start was Michael Irvin, I used to be a Cowboys fan (USED TO!) back in the day when Troy Aikman was quarterback. I also have always went for the sports figures on the show. Michael definitely didn't live up to my expectations, hopefully he will stay and prove me wrong. Kelly Osbourne was the big surprise for me last night, who knew? My front runners after Week 1: Men-Mark, Donny and Aaron Women-Joanna, Kelly and Maya Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment!~
Have a great day! :)



Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I love the idea of bringing books to share for the year at school! Sounds like your girls had/are having nice birthdays :)

I am a big DWTS fan too, and though there aren't any super stand outs yet, I'm glad that there really aren't any dancers that are horrible either. I was a big Sabrina fan, so I'm rooting for Melissa and I think the x games guy and the ultimate fighter are cute to watch because they are so out of their element...

Ann said...

Hi I have a blog award for your blog :) You can pick up your award here.

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