Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lands End Feel Good Campaign

I wanted to share with you all something wonderful going on that YOU can help in. It's called the LAND'S END FEEL GOOD CAMPAIGN. Not only is this a terrific way to shop, but you will be helping homeless individuals and families across the country. Please head here:
and check out this wonderful cause.

With every Feel Good Sweater that you purchase from Land's End, they will donate their Feel Good Yarn to One Heart's Foundation Warming Families, a nationwide charity that knits clothing for the homeless. With the way things are going on in the world today, this really is a great cause for people who need it. With the yarn that is donated on your behalf, their members will knit as many as 25,000 hats that will be given to families all over the world. What a difference this can make to those who have nothing.

If you would like to do more, you can knit a hat too! Vickie Howell, who is a best selling craft author and knitter extraordinaire has designed two exclusive hat patterns for Land's End that you can download. You can get them by going here:

If you are a fellow blogger, please post about this great cause on your blog too. For every blog post about the Feel Good Campaign from now until September 16, a cone of Feel Good Yarn will be donated to the knitters at Warming Families, enough to make at least 28 hats.

Also join us for a Feel Good Twitter Party-Wednesday-September 16 at 7-9 pm CST-#landsend
More than 20 giveaways

Please go help out this truly wonderful cause and purchase a beautiful sweater. You will be so glad you did!



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