Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glade Lasting Impressions Review

I was recently sent a couple of the new Lasting Impressions Fans from Glade. I love Glade products, always have and have used them faithfully for years. I love it when they come out with new things and was surprised when I was given the opportunity to review these. What I absolutely love about the Glade Lasting Impressions is that they have two different scents that alternate, so it leaves your home smelling fresh and clean all day. When I plugged it in, it didn't take long for the house to fill up with the wonderful scents of Clean Linen. Not only does it smell nice , but it is very decorative looking as well.

The starter kit starts at about $10.00 and comes in the following scents:
*Hawaiian Breeze/Vanilla Passion Fruit
*Ocean Blue/Refreshing Surf
*Clean Linen/Sunny Days

Once the scents run out, you can replace them with whatever scents you like. I always run across great coupons in the Sunday paper or you can go to Glade's website:

There is an indicator light on top when you plug in your Lasting Impression Fan to let you know which scent is going. I have had mine plugged in for a couple of weeks and even though the scent is not as strong, it is still working to freshen the room. I love this product! The only downfall is the cost of buying two refills at once for one product. I have Glade Scented Oil Plug Ins in two rooms of my home, now I will have to buy 4 to refill them all. Thank goodness for coupons though, makes it A LOT easier to buy these and my local Meijer's usually has them on sale at least once a month, so it's easy to stock up. Also I head to Dollar General and Family Dollar, they have Glade refills there, they're quite a bit cheaper and they take coupons!

I would recommend these Lasting Impressions Fans to you to try out.

I would also recommend heading over here: and become a member. Right@Home is Glade's great website where you can enter some wonderful sweepstakes, find great tips on cleaning and organizing, food and recipes, designing your home and so much more. Plus they have special offers and coupons as well. I have been a member for a while and love the website. Please check it out!


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