Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Ramblings

Good evening all. Hope the week has gone good for you!

I have been trying feverishly for the past two days to contact companies and get up some reviews and giveaways for everyone to enjoy and get into. I have been contacted by a couple and hopefully SOON I will have something up. I want so badly to get this blog hoppin' with more followers and readers but as I was told last night my a very nice lady named Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies blog to be patient (by the way, go check this blog out:
she has the most amazing giveaways, I think I have entered them all!) I emailed her last night wanting some advice on how to get giveaways and followers. I was surprised to hear that she hasn't been at blogging too long herself, yet her blog is wonderful. She told me to hang in there and things will work out. I never thought I would be so passionate and get into something so much as I am in this little blog project of mine. My hubby can't understand it and sometimes it's hard to find someone to talk to about it. This has become so much fun for me to have taught myself how to blog and Twitter, etc. Kinda makes me proud! Thanks Leslie for your advice, I am working hard toward my goal and glad you gave me some inspiration to do so!

Took my oldest daughter to the dentist today to get a teeth cleaning and X Rays. Poor little girl was pretty scared being her first visit and all. She did really awesome though, I kept telling her there was nothing to it, she didn't believe me until it was all over and she had her new toothbrush amongst other goodies. That dentist office was the best I had ever seen. We walked in and they had two TV's set up with Nintendo Game Cubes at each one. Rebecca and I played Pac Man Rally, it was pretty cool. Then while we were waiting for the doctor to see her, she got to watch Hannah Montana, which she loves. Funny thing do I! That show is the greatest. When the doctor came in a pushed her chair back to look at her teeth, there on the ceiling was a TV with Hannah Montana on it. Way too cool! Why didn't they have an office like this when I was a kid and went to the dentist? Even Sara got her first new toothbrush too. She didn't know what to think when I brushed her 3 teeth with it tonight, she was already mad, so I figured make her more mad!

Just got done watching the Detroit Lions win another preseason game. 3-1 in the preseason which doesn't make me feel too confident in the regular season. Oh well, they went 0-16 in the regular season last year after going 4-0 in the preseason. Guess I should be confident, we can go 1-15 now. I root for the Lions because my hubby is a die hard fan, has been since before we were married. We used to go over on Sundays and watch the games with his dad before Dad passed away, now hubby, the girls and I watch the Lions (win or lose) every Sunday and hope for the best (or worst). My team is the Indianapolis Colts (I love Peyton Manning) but I will always root for the home team.

Glad they finally laid Michael Jackson to rest maybe he will get some peace. We all know what happened, now it's time to drop it all and leave the guy alone. Still don't understand why it took so long to bury him?

And lastly, I hope everyone has an awesome and safe Labor Day weekend. For all you mothers, the last weekend of vacation with the kiddos. For me, I will still have little one home. Did I mention, she is starting to walk? Little steps, one a time. Today she stood up on her own for at least 30 seconds. I am sad and excited at the same time because this is the last time I will experience this with my own kids. Oh to you all soon. Don't eat too many hot dogs, burgers and macaroni salad!



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