Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winner Announcements

Hello all, I'm back!  I'm not quite 100% yet, but feeling quite a bit better today than yesterday.  I have some winners to announce today, are you one of them?

The winner of the Lisa Leonard Designs $50 Gift Certificate is:
COMMENT #77-scott

The winner of the 4 pack of Mustards is:

The winner of the Cook in the Kitchen Mixes Prize Package is:

The winner of the Sophia's Greek Dressings Package is:

The winner of the Castle Baths Spa Treasure Chest is:

The winner of the Yoplait Nourish Your Inner Goddess Prize Pack is:
COMMENT #71-nanlana

The winner of The Wumblers Plush is:

The winner of the Mixes From the Heartland Prize Package is:
COMMENT #27-Becca

The winners of the Friendzip Bracelets are:
COMMENT #1-Linda Kish
COMMENT #6-Tanya-The Chatty Mom-CONFIRMED

The winner of the Total Fitness DVDs:The Biggest Loser 2 DVD Set is:

I have emailed each one of the winners and am awaiting confirmation.  Please remember that you have 48 hours to respond before new winners are chosen.  Thanks to all who entered and please keep entering all of my other giveaways!  Have a great day!


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