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K'NEX Review and HUGE Giveaway

My girls love to play, whether it be with their toys, books, games or outside together on their swingset or out kicking the ball around, they just love to have fun.  My oldest daughter really loves to be outside, she is starting soccer next week and is really looking forward to it.  Some of her favorite toys are her Hannah Montana Dolls, coloring books and crayons and basically anything that has to do with crafts, Playdough, and building sets.  The youngest has really been getting into Sesame Street and her favorite character is Elmo, so she has a few toys that she really loves to play with that are Elmo related like her new Elmo microphone that the Easter Bunny brought to her last week.  When I was a kid, I was huge into Legos and Lincoln Logs, I loved building things.  I once tried to build a race car, but it never really worked out, so I stuck to the easy things.  I was so absolutely excited recently to be contacted by K'NEX, who is definitely the next generation in building and construction sets for kids of all ages.  They were so generous to send me a selection of products that are new and upcoming in their line.  Here is what I received:

*KICK IT! Elmo Building Set- My little one loved this set, I think she loved the container in which it came in more because it was shaped and looked like Elmo.  She carried this set around with her for quite a while before we actually opened it.  This is a complete 13 piece set that includes all of the parts to build Elmo and complete with a little soccer ball to get your new friend ready for the game.  This set also includes additional building ideas and the handy storage container for easy clean up.  These great sets from the Sesame Street series are good for physical, social and emotional, language and cognitive development.  For ages 2+ $12.99

*Swim Time Ernie Building Set- Little one loved this set too, probably even more that she watches Sesame Street everyday and recognizes all the characters.  For her this was a fun set for us to put together as a family, which is always so much more fun.  You can build your new pal Ernie, complete with his swim trunks, snorkel and flippers, and get him ready for the beach in this 14 piece set.  This set is so cute just like the Elmo set and is complete with different building ideas and a easy storage canister that is shaped like Ernie. For ages 2+ $12.99

*Cookie Monster's Basketball Building Set- This one is so cute and was really fun to put together, I was excited to see what it was going to look like.  Cookie Monster is such a fun character on Sesame Street and this building set represented the character really well.  This is a 15 piece set that includes the uniform, including a yellow visor and basketball, so you can get your new friend Cookie Monster ready for the basketball game. This also comes with additional building ideas and easy cleaning storage container that is shaped like Cookie Monster himself.  Little one truly is in love with her new Sesame Street pals and having a blast with them.  Sesame Street Workshop is the non profit educational organization that puts the proceeds it receives from the sales of it's products right back into Sesame Street and it's other products for children at home and around the world. Ages 2+ $12.99

*Collect and Build Series-Scooter- This is set #1 in the series and includes 123 parts.  It is motorized as well just needing 2 AA batteries (not included).  My oldest daughter's eyes lit up when she saw these sets.  Her dad's eyes lit up too!  Just as his name suggests, Scooter just scoots along.  It is so neat to see these great robots that my oldest and her dad built and then to see them move, it truly is amazing. Suggested for 7+ $11.99 

*Collect and Build Series-Hopper- This is one in a set of four of the K'NEX Micro Bots Series.  I consider my oldest a bit of a tomboy, so I knew she would like these sets.  They are perfect building sets for her age and she joked when she got them that they looked like Wall-E from the great Disney movie that is one of her favorites.  I don't know who was more excited to put these sets together, my oldest or her dad.  He thought these Micro Bots sets looked really cool and he and the oldest sat at the table and put this one together.  This set has 118 pieces and is even motorized so you can build a unique and movable robot that your kids and even you will have fun playing with.  I love these sets because they are so colorful and really easy to build.  Hopper looks like a robotic frog and is #2 in the series and when you combine him with #1 Scooter, you get an even bigger robot.  Recommended for 7+ and requires 2 AA Batteries $11.99

*Collect and Build Series-Speedy- He is #3 in the Micro Bots Series and really cute.  My oldest really liked building this one and was really excited when she was finished.  I actually got to help her on this one and it was a lot of fun.  Speedy has 120 parts and is also motorized.  When you combine this set with set #4, which is Crawler, you can build an even bigger motorized robot for even more fun.  Recommended for 7+ $11.99

Collect and Build Series-Crawler-This set has 122 parts and looks just like a spider.  I was so excited that my daughter was into these building sets, she has a lot of fun putting these all together.  Just as the suggestion says, we took Crawler and combined him with Speedy and made a huge motorized robot.  Little one was chasing after it on the floor when we were done.  These building sets are great and a great source of fun. Recommended for ages 7+ $11.99

*Construction Crew Series-Excavator-Set #1-Comes with 120 K'NEX parts, including bricks, rods and connectors to build a construction vehicle with a pivoting cab and working arm.  There is also a K'NEX man to operate the vehicle and construction accessories to play with.  You can build on the brick plate that is included in the set, then combine all four sets and the brick plates become your own 
 construction site.  Recommended for  
for builders 5+ $11.99

*Construction Crew Series-Front Loader-Set #2 This set comes with 120 K'NEX parts including bricks, rods and connectors to build a construction vehicle with working bucket. Includes K'NEX man to operate the vehicle and construction accessories to play with.  Recommended for builders 5+ $11.99

*Construction Crew Series-Steam Roller- Set #3- this set includes 121 K'NEX parts including bricks, rods and connectors to build a working construction vehicle with a drum that rotates when pushed.  There is also TWO K'NEX men to operate the vehicle and work alongside and construction accessories to play with.  Recommended for ages 5+ $11.99

*Construction Crew Series-Backhoe-Set #4- This set comes with 127 K'NEX parts including bricks, rods and connectors to build a construction vehicle with a working digger in the back and bucket in the front.  It comes with a K'NEX man to operate the vehicle and construction accessories to play with.  Recommended for ages 5+ $11.99

*350 Piece Value Tub-From cars to planes, boats to ferris wheels this is perfect for your little builder who doesn't know exactly what they want to build and wants to build everything. There is enough pieces in here to build your own special masterpiece whether it be a garage, animal or whatever, let your kids' imagination run wild!  My oldest loved this tub because she could build flowers, castles and so much more.  She spent hours and hours with this and never once did I hear "I'm bored."   This tub also contains building ideas for over 20 different projects and is easy to store and easy clean up as well.  The 350Pc tub also works with other building sets so the possibilities are endless. Ages 7+ $21.99

*Fire Rescue 10 Model Set-Hubby put this one together with a little help from the oldest.  This was a really neat set that contains 127 parts plus step by step instructions and building ideas for 10 unique models.  The convenient storage box makes it a great place to store all of your parts and makes it easy to take the fun with you.  You can build 10 different models including a cool fire engine and bring them to life with the spring motor.  Little one really enjoyed chasing this and pushing this around the kitchen.  This was the best and most fun set because you can do so much with it.  Ages 5+

The bottom line with all of these great sets from K'NEX was that my girls, hubby and I had and still have a blast.  There is so much that you can do with these sets and let your imagination run wild.  It definitely brings new meaning to family time.  I was thrilled and honored to be able to get the chance to review all of these products and want to say a special thank you to all of those involved at K'NEX for making this possible.

K'NEX inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction between children and parents.  K'NEX Brands L.P is a privately help company located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.  Today K'NEX is the most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company.  K'NEX Brands also distributes BRIO trains and toys as well as Lincoln Logs in North America.  K'NEX will donate 10% of sales to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation for the month of April.  K'NEX has won numerous awards since their launch in 1992 including Sesame Street Parents, National Parenting Center and more.  
For more information on K'NEX and to see all the great products that they have to offer, please head over HERE.

I am so pleased to offer this HUGE K'NEX Giveaway!  Extra special thanks to everyone at K'NEX: ONE lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers is going to win every single set that I received-13 Sets in Total to ONE very lucky winner (KICK IT! Elmo Building Set, Swim Time Ernie Building Set, Cookie Monster's Basketball Building Set, All 4 Collect and Build Micro Bots Sets-Hopper, Scooter, Speedy and Crawler, All 4 Construction Crew Series-Backhoe, Steamroller, Front Loader and Excavator, Fire Rescue 10 Model Building Set AND 350 Piece Tub) (approx value-$169)

MAIN ENTRY-Mandatory and must be done before any extra entries.  Please make sure that your email address is visible in your comments so that I have a way to contact you if you win.

Head on over to K'NEX and let me know another set that you would love to have for your kids or maybe yourself.

EXTRA ENTRIES-Please list a separate comment for each.

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