Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take a Little Time

Today, I feel a heartbreaking sense of loss. Growing up as a kid and into my teenage years, I grew up in a small "village" called Lakewood Club where everyone seemed to know everyone. All the kids would pretty much hang out together and we all went to the same school so if we didn't hang out, we saw each other in the hallways or on the bus. Most of us from the "village" knew each other though in some way and it wasn't hard to like everyone, they were just so pleasant. Last night, I found out that I lost "one of my own" so to speak from the "village" where I called home for so many years. Andrea Kelly was one of a kind, she was a beautiful 35 year old woman, with a 16 year old son, a twin sister, numerous family members and more friends than you could ever imagine that absolutely loved and adored here. I didn't know her like a lot of other people did, but I knew she had the most terrific smile that could brighten up any room that she walked into and was one of the nicest and sweetest girls that you could ever want to meet. Her sister and her were inseparable and were always together that sometimes I didn't know which one I was talking to. We don't know what happened to our dear Andrea, just that she was found alone in her van not far away from her sister's home. She had both of her legs amputated at an early age, which was something that I didn't even know until I saw her last summer. When I heard the news last night, I bowed my head and cried. She had been missing for a couple of days and about 100 people or more spent the day searching for her most of the day yesterday. They found her last night around 7:45pm. Everyone has so many special memories of Andrea, mine is just that she was genuine and just an overall great person to want to be around. Why it was that God took her from us, he must have had a reason. I know I can speak for everyone when I say she will be sorely missed and loved forevermore. So take a little time today to hug your loved ones, tell them that you love them and maybe send a prayer for Andrea, her son, her sisters and family and the many wonderful friends and acquaintances that she has made throughout the years, for we are all grieving on this day at such a tragic loss. A young, vibrant and full of life woman that has touched so many lives was taken from us way too soon. God has a new beautiful angel and she is flying high watching us all, and she is at peace now. RIP Andrea.


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