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Sassy Inc. Review and Giveaway

My little one loves to play, whether it be with her toys, her sister's toys, or toys outside, she loves to have a good time. She has a lot of toys, but she does have some favorites. Elmo is a big deal for her nowadays, so any toy that has Elmo on it is a big hit. She has a Wiggles guitar that used to be her older sister's that she goes around the house and plays me songs with it. She recently got a few great toys from a company called Sassy. Sassy specializes in developmental toys for infants and up to 12 months+. I love Sassy because their toys are so well made and are lasting as well as help our little ones recognize colors, shapes, and textures. I was sent a variety of their great products for little one including:
*Fill & Spill Barrel-6 months and up-Inspires Exploration-There's nothing more fun than this barrel of monkeys! A clear, lightweight barrel that is easy for baby to dump is filled with an assortment of brightly colored, soft plush monkeys, plastic barrels and bunches of bananas too. The monkeys have symmetrical smiling faces. The symmetry has a calming effect on babies and young children. The soft monkeys encourage babies to reach out and manipulating them helps strengthen gripping muscles. Squeezing them to hear a squeak gives baby a giggle. The wide mouth barrel encourages baby to fit the pieces back in. This fill and spill activity encourages baby motor-cognitive development and is a pre-cursor to shape sorting. Retails for $9.99Little one absolutely loves this toy, she really enjoyed spilling them onto the floor, not so much wanting to put them away unless I helped her of course. She is in the stage where everything has to go into her mouth so she was trying to munch on the bananas. She really loved the monkeys too. This is a very well made and durable toy and is easy to take on the go as it has a handle on the top of the lid. The only thing that little one needed help with the most was unscrewing the top of the barrel. Little one loves to play with this Fill and Spill Barrel and does so quite frequently.
*Touch and Talk Lap Top-6 months and up-Inspires Communication-Baby will get straight to work having fun with this toy inspired by mom and dad's laptops. This fabric covered toy has bold, bright geometric prints to help baby focus and lots of brilliant colors to stimulate visual development. The screen is a large, True Reflection mirror that reflects baby's image-a site that all babies love to study. Press the keys to hear colors in English and Spanish, musical notes, or silly rhymes and sounds. When it's time for a break, baby can close the laptop and tote it around using the little convenient fabric handle. Retail$14.99
Little one absolutely loved this, of course she loves anything that makes noise. This little laptop is really cute because it is so colorful and my little one loves to press all of the buttons. She is always looking at me when I am on the computer and it's fun for her to have her own little computer as well. This really teaches her a lot of amazing things and she loves to carry it around with her especially when we go to the laundromat. She really has has a blast with this.*Produce Pals-6 months and up-Inspires Fascination- Attach this little banana and apple to the handle or side of the shopping cart and baby will be entertained the whole trip. These fruit character have smiling, symmetrical faces with high contrast eyes-images that appeal to and calm babies. High contrast black and white leggings and tether provide visual stimulation and focus even for the youngest babies. Each little character makes a soft rattling sound or squeaks and has leaves or peels that crinkle to the touch. The toys feature simple plastic clamps that hook onto shopping carts, strollers, infant carrier handles, high chairs and other surfaces. Retails for $7.99 for the two.Little one loves these as well. We took them with us on a recent shopping trip and she played with them the whole time. She loves to go shopping as it is but sometimes it takes me longer than usual to get things done and she gets restless. The banana and apple are just so cute and it makes the shopping trips go faster for her. I also have clipped them onto her car seat while we're in the car. Sometimes a long car ride makes her a little fussy, even as she is getting older. Her sister, who is 7, still doesn't like to go for too long of a car ride because she gets "bored". These little characters are great for on the go and provide little one with a little entertainment as well.
*Less Mess Metal Spoon and Fork-9 months and up-Inspire Independence-This little spoon and fork look like the ones Mommy and Daddy use! Curved metal spoon and "spork" bowls have tiny holes to help suction food in place to prevent spills on route from plate to mouth. The grips are textured and wide enough for little hands to hold in either the right or left hand. The set comes in girl or boy colors and retails for $3.99.
I absolutely love this set! Little one is starting to become miss independent and really has been working hard to feed herself. This set, which I was sent in cute and colorful purple and green, is perfect for little one to take over. She is always wanting to use it for every meal even if it is something that she can just use her fingers for. It's like a fun game for her and at the same time she is learning so quickly how to feed herself. I love how this set is also so perfectly proportioned to fit her little hands and is really easy for her to grip. This is a really sturdy set as well and will last quite a while.
*EZ Scoop Toddler Bowl-ages 9 months and up-Inspires Independence-This cleverly designed bowl has a special shelf inside to help toddlers learn to scoop food onto their spoons. A suction base helps prevent tipping and spills as little eaters work away at their meals. The suction base can be removed as the child grows and eating skills improve. A snap tight lid is included to make the bowl perfect for travel and food storage. Simply push on the center of the lid for vacuum suction. The bowl, lid, and suction cup base are all in different, bright colors in girl and boy hues. Retail for $4.99
This bowl is terrific! Little one may be 19 months old, but trust me she still needs something like this. It is a good feeling to be able to put food in a bowl for her and feel confident that she can feed herself without a bowl or plate falling onto the floor. I also love that when she starts to get the hang of feeding herself finally, that the suction cup bottom can be removed to make it just a regular bowl. Bright pink colors really make this bowl stand out.

To caring parents, grandparents, and gift givers worldwide, Sassy is the brand of products for children that you can trust for nurturing and developing your child because they have premium quality, innovative design and focused coloration, environmentally principled with credible and helpful purpose and value added features. This is Sassy's commitment to you.
Sassy was born in 1982 with the purchase of the Sassy Seat Company. Today, Sassy continues to operate out of Kentwood, MI which is not too far from me, as well as Bannockburn, IL. Sassy enjoys distribution in all major trade channels, including mass market retailers, food chains, drug stores, catalogs, and independent baby and toy stores in the US. Sassy products are also found in 29 countries worldwide. Sassy's extensive products have grown to include developmental and attachable toys, infant and toddler bath and feeding products, grooming and hygiene products, teething products, and room organization products.

For more information and to see all of the great products that Sassy has to offer, please head over HERE. You can also find a lot of great Sassy products HERE on Amazon.com.

The great folks over at Sassy would love to give one lucky Mommy2TwoGirls readers a Less Mess Metal Spoon and Fork Set AND a EZ Scoop Toddler Bowl in your choice or girl or boy color. (approx value $10)

MAIN ENTRY-Mandatory and must be done before any extra entries. Please make sure that your email address is in your first comment (especially if you are doing any extra entries) or your Blogger profile so I have a way to contact you if you win.

Head on over to Sassy and let me know of another product that you would love to have for your little ones.

EXTRA ENTRIES-Please list a separate comment for each.

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Disclosure- I received no monetary compensation for this review, only a free selection of products from Sassy in exchange for my honest opinions. The words expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way. Additional information provided by the Sassy website.


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