Thursday, November 19, 2009


I received a letter and check in the mail today that I was so excited to get. It said that I had received a cash grant for $10,000. The check was in the amount of $964.50 and everything on the check looked legit. It said I could cash the check or deposit it into my account as long as I sent them a payment of $402.00 via Greendot Money Pak. Then I would be sent another check in the amount of $9,035.50 that would be mine to keep. Times are tough for us and this money would definitely come in handy. Let me tell you I thought long and hard about this, thinking of how my family would have a great Christmas, maybe this would let us keep our house, which our landlords have put up for sale, a lot of things going through my mind. I did some research online and found that this a complete and total SCAM! There was a woman that went through with this and she was in a bad way like a lot of us are. She is in worse shape now and is threatening to sue if she ever finds out who is behind this. There are quite a lot of other people that have received these letters and acted on them as well. I am a victim of a previous scam where I ended up paying over $1600 back to the bank for a check that turned up being fake. No one should have to go through this and the people who do this to innocent people are just not right.

Do not fall for this SCAM! If you receive a letter from Marilyn Ritchie saying you are receiving a $10,000 cash grant from Greendot Aid Plan and that R&H Enterprises is holding your money--take it to your police station and let them know. Do NOT CASH THIS CHECK, PLEASE! When hubby and I were looking up specifics, we found that this could be coming out of San Gabriel Valley, California, it had a 626 area code in the letter. This check looks real, has the watermark, signature, bar code and everything except you could tell it was definitely photocopied and on the top it said OFFICIAL CHECK. The date on the check was November 10,2009, yet it was post marked November 17 o the envelope.

I just thought this should be brought to your attention, I would hate for anyone else to get burned on this. Thanks so much and have a great night! :)


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