Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sad Day

Feeling quite bummed today. Last night we got a phone call telling us that my Sister's fiances Mom had been transported to the hospital. Now I have never met her, but my sister has been with her fiance for well over 10 years and as far as I'm concerned is my brother. I didn't know how bad it was until this morning when my sister called and told me that his mom was only breathing about once every 30 seconds and the doctors said it would only be a matter of time. It was just over a year that I lost my Mom, so I knew exactly what they were all going through. Even in their trying time, they were still wanting to go as planned and take one of my two girls over night just to give my husband and I a night out, which we have had only once since my baby daughter was born. I told them, no way, to take care of what they had to do and grieve. I haven't heard from them since this morning and I wish I could do something for my brother, who is one of those types that doesn't show his emotion, at least not around us.
It is so hard when we lose a loved one especially so sudden. From what I know his mom suffered for over 15 years with illness and even though we always say it's for the best and they are in a better place, it doesn't make it any easier. I love and support my brother and sister even though I am not with them. It will be a difficult time, I am still not over what happened with my mother, but as long as they have their family around them, they will be OK. My prayers are with them and the rest of their family at this time and I will be here for them for whatever they need me for.


Danielle said...

Thanks, Sis! You're the best!

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