Monday, August 17, 2009


Good morning all! Glad to have picked up a couple of followers this weekend, thanks for joining.
Well after a day of recuperating from Saturday's very hot and humid concert and getting a wicked sunburn, I am getting back to normal. The concert was pretty good for the most part, there were definitely highs and lows. My shoulders and arms are so sunburned that at times it is hard to move them. I have had to sleep in my chair the past couple nights because the sheets rub on the sunburn and I can't sleep on my side. But hey, at least I will have a nice tan when all is said and done.
I was definitely surprised that my 11 month old daughter did really well being outside for almost 10 hours. I must have done a pretty good job keeping her shaded with the umbrella and sunscreen because the only part of her that was a little burned was her cheeks and a little on her shoulders. My 6 year old wasn't burned wither, just my husband and I. So I feel pretty good knowing that we did a good job keeping the girls protected because it was a long day.
I'm off to email out local radio station (they put on the concert) and give them some compliments and of course some improvements they need to make for next year! Talk to you all soon and have a great day!



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