Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Day Today

Good morning all! Well, today is already gearing up to be a scorcher. It's only just before 7 am and you can feel the humidity in the air. We are all heading down for an all day Country Music concert today out in the bright sunshine with a high near 90 degrees today. What on earth are we thinking, is it really worth it. No, but my oldest daughter wants to go really bad so I can't very well ruin her day now can I? If there was somebody there like Alan Jackson or Dierks Bentley then I would be really excited. Oh well, I guess I can only just look at it as a day out. Hope you all have a "cool" day!



Katie said...

I'm curious to hear how you all did with the heat! It was really humid here in MI too yesterday and today it continued. I hope there was shade available and the water wasn't too expensive!

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