Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Note

Good Friday morning all!  If you will take notice of the Current Giveaways on the left sidebar, you will soon notice that some of the giveaways that were closed a few days ago are starting to open back up again.  I was going through the closing giveaways this morning and saw that all of my comments were wiped out when I changed blog designs.  That's because I HAD Disqus and I am not sure how to retrieve them.  So I spent a little time contacting my sponsors and asking them if I could run the giveaways for two more weeks so that I could get winners.  So, as I get return emails from them, I will be opening them back up again, please notice the new end dates.  Sorry to all of you that have already entered, please enter again!

Also, I have gotten a few emails from those of you that haven't yet received your prizes from past giveaways.  Be assured, even if you don't receive an email back from me, I have received them and am re-contacting sponsors to make sure that you get your prizes.  I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know, it frustrates me when my winners don't get their prizes, believe me, I have been on your end a few times myself.  I won an Avon gift basket and a set of Softlips lip balms that I NEVER received.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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