Friday, July 24, 2009

AHHH...the joys of Parenthood!

My oldest daughter who is almost 7 was on punishment today. Her dad wanted her to write 100 sentences of "I will not yell in the house" and "I will listen to my Mom and Dad". She has a hard time with both of these rules and we have been trying different ways to get the message across. It took her 7 and a half hours to complete this task..needless to say her day is gone. Instead of riding her bike and doing things that she loves to do, she spent the day sitting at the table writing sentences, whining, making excuses, etc. It was so hard to keep my composure and not yell at her myself. I think I did pretty good though..maybe I could have done better. I felt like a broken record all day.."Sit up and write, Your dad is going to be pretty mad when he gets home and those aren't done" You get the idea.
My youngest who was 10 months yesterday decided it would be fun to take her sippy cup and shake the water out of it all over herself. She thought it was funny, water was from the kitchen to the living room!
All of this while finishing cutting the lawn, vacuuming and doing laundry. It has definitely been a busy and frustrating day.
Here it is almost 5 pm and hubby is still not home from work! Don't know what we are doing for dinner, we're supposed to go grocery shopping, the baby is napping and the oldest finally finished her sentences and is watching ICarly. Still waiting on possible severe thunderstorms tonight, I can only hope, it's been a long time here without rain and the grass looks pretty dry.
I feel better now! Take care all, hope things are going great for you!



sandy said...

Oh we have days like that here quite frequently!

Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

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