Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Gonna Be A Wonderful Day!

Hello all! I know it's been a while since I actually posted anything here besides reviews and giveaways, but it's been so exciting receiving so many wonderful things to review! There have been a lot of companies that have taken a chance with me, a little blog that was just starting out and is now beginning to grow a little bit. All my followers, spread the word! :) I am really trying to get this little blog going and have been working hard so show the love!

It's definitely going to be a wonderful day. Our hometown hockey team has their opening season home game tonight and being being the hockey nut that I am, I am really excited about this season. It is our 50th Anniversary season this year, really hard to believe that we have had hockey in our little hometown for that long. We have went through different name changes over the years but still great hockey. We even have a "street party" before the game that has actually been moved inside because of the chilly weather. We went last year and my DH was picked to go inside what I call the Money Booth where they fill it with paper money and turn it on and you have to catch as much of it as you can in like 60 seconds or something. He won over a $100 last year, hoping we can sign him up again! It's a fun time and my dear oldest daughter, who went to her first hockey game when she was a couple of weeks old, is excited. I just talked to her on the phone (she went on a sleepover with grandma) she can't wait to go. The best part is we get to see some of the greats that have played hockey for us over the years and even a Redwing legend as well. BIG ceremony and lots of fun await the day. I had to post this picture of the girls that I took at an event we went to a few weeks ago at our arena. They allowed us, the fans to walk through the locker rooms and the "backstage area" to see what goes on "behind the scenes" before a hockey game and my daughter got to have this picture taken with my oldest daughter's favorite player since she was a baby. About 4 years ago, I won an auction to have dinner with two of my favorite players and Rebecca at that time was just learning what hockey was (she was 3) but she knew who "Bouch" was (that's our nickname for him). Before this particular picture was taken, Rebecca had sat right down next to him and started talking to him like they were old friends. On this day, it was her birthday, so she told him that and started talking to him about school. It was just too funny, I almost had a hard time taking this picture. I wanted to share it with you though:

Little one is still sleeping! I think I may hear her though. She had a rough night and got up at 3am for a bottle. The good thing about her is that on rare occasions when she does get up like that, she will go right back to sleep! She has been really good with the sleeping thing lately though. She went through a stage where she would fall asleep on DH or I and when we went to go put her in the crib, she would wake up screaming and want to be held. DH got an idea to put on a little noise radio that I had won in a giveaway a while back that plays repetitive music and quietly fades out. It worked like a charm! I think last night she actually fell asleep without it. She loves going to the hockey game too. We took her to the preseason game last weekend and where she was not so into the game itself, she sure did love to dance to all of the music! She is just so much fun and I see things that she does everyday that her sister used to do when she was a baby.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. I will be adding a few more reviews and giveaways in the next few days! Thanks for all the support!



Anonymous said...

Have fun at the hockey game. We have the district championship soccer game tonight. BBBrrrr, but so fun. Have a great day:)

Twincerely,Olga said...

stoppin by from SITS!!!Beautiful family! Have a great weekend!!

Nancy said...

Love the title of this post! Have a great time at the hockey game. It has been a long time since I have seen hockey...they just don't play down here like that did when I lived in the north:)

Danielle said...

It was a great game! I didn't think we would win 9-3 though! The pic is awesome!

Aunt Dani

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