Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! Tonight ought to be an interesting night. It is about 44 degrees here in Michigan, the wind is still blowing and it is quite damp outside. Typical Michigan Halloween night weather. We are still at this time debating on whether to take the girls out trick or treating especially little one. Is candy really worth it? I don't think so but try telling that to a 7 year old little girl with a small case of the sniffles. Yesterday was her Halloween party at school and she wasn't even allowed to take her new costume to school to wear for fear of getting it dirty so that she couldn't wear it tonight. With trick or treating up in the air, she may not even get to wear it out anyway. Little one has the cutest ladybug costume to wear as well. Oh what to do? Sometimes, I really hate living in Michigan because the weather changes so much and so drastic. The girls' grandma is coming out to go with us trick or treating and we even have Halloween cupcakes. I told my oldest daughter that if for some reason we couldn't go out trick or treating, we could go to the store and grab a few bags of candy, she could throw on her costume and we could "play" Halloween here. Where as she says that's OK, I know in her little heart it would be very upsetting to her. DH and I are making the decision in an hour, I have a feeling whatever decision that we do make is going to be the wrong one. UGGh! The joys of parenting huh? Hope it is sunny and warm wherever you are tonight and have a safe and fun Halloween!



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