Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Welcome to a new feature here at Mommy2TwoGirls!  I always have lots of thoughts running through my head, whether it be life in general or news that I have heard on TV or seen on the internet, maybe some gossip that I have found in a magazine or heard on Entertainment Tonight.  Whatever it is, I have random thoughts.  So let me run some of these by you and have you comment!

*First off, let's start with the obvious big entertainment story: Charlie Sheen.  He is what everyone seems to be talking about.  Personally, I love Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men is one of my favorite shows.  I kind of feel sorry for him in a way because we all really don't know for sure what is going on with him.  Is he an alcoholic?  Addicted to drugs?  Addicted to porn or sex addict?  Is he bi polar or maybe he has a mental problem?  All of these have been theories on news journalists and everyone else, the bad thing is now that he got his kids taken away and refuses help.  I heard someone say yesterday that he is following the same destructive path as Anna Nicole Smith and we all know what happened to her, unfortunately.  I wish Charlie Sheen the best and hope that he will take his family's advice and seek help..before it's too late.

*Anyone watch the Oscars?  Well I didn't but I heard that James Franco (who is very good looking by the way) didn't do such a good job as host.  I personally can't sit through the Oscars, I know it's fun to watch what everybody is wearing and who is seen with who, but 4 hours?  Congrats to Natalie Portman, I think she is a great actress.  Am dying to see the Social Network, can't wait to get it through Netflix!

*Speaking of Netflix, any of you have it?  I just subscribed to it last weekend and I am amazed at all of the possibilities.  I have gotten several emails from them in the past to join, but have never been able to because I don't have a credit card.  To find out that they now accept pay pal payments made it easier for me to join and now I can't imagine being without it.  I am a couple of seasons behind on Desperate Housewives so I spent a few hours last weekend watching six episodes from last season.  TV shows and movies, I will definitely be a Netfliz subscriber for a long time to come and would recommend it to everyone!

*Getting really bummed thinking about the upcoming NFL season not happening come September.  It's all about money...why do people in this world have to be greedy?

*Tired of these rising gas prices!  Last week we spent $60 to fill up our car $3.41 a gallon.  Talk about more greed!

*Anyone watching American Idol?  I'm not, I have a few episodes on the DVR, but haven't watched them yet.  I think I have lost my interest in the show, although I love Steven Tyler.  I think this show has finally run it's course.

*Survivor is on tonight..who are you rooting for?  I am rooting for Boston Rob, love that guy!

*After a struggle the past couple of weeks, I am back on track to losing weight yet once again.  I have hit the gym three days this week and have pushed my workout time to almost an hour.  Feeling pretty good.

*Looking forward to spring and the warmer weather, tired of snow and being stuck in the house.  Looking forward to the oldest daughter playing soccer, I even get to be an assistant coach this season.

Have a great evening!


DaniLynn said...

Hey Sis! Here's my thoughts...

Charlie Sheen - He is in sad shape. I hope he gets help for the sake of his children. They are too young to understand what is going on.

Oscars - I watched the Oscars because nothing else was on that I wanted to watch. james Franco didn't do a very good job. He was kinda boring to watch and wasn't very quick with a joke like past hosts have been. (BTW, I just bought Social Network and plan to watch it this weekend.)

Netflix - we thought about getting netflix just for the TV programs because we don't need the movies. We have all the movie networks and can't keep up with those! I'm glad you let me know about Paypal being accepted!

NFL - Haven't heard much about it, but would be bummed if it didn't happen.

AI - I've been watching it, not impressed. They shortened the elimination process and will be eliminating 7 guys and 7 girls from the top 24 tonight, then the judges will save one of each. Not happy about this at all!

Survivor - Rob has changed his ways. I never liked him. Maybe being a Daddy has softened him up a bit! I was rooting for Russell, but I don't think he'll make it back to the tribe.

Weight Loss - I have stuggled too. I was stuck for a while and now have started keeping a food journal with has helped. Good Luck! I'm rooting for you!

Spring - I have spring fever soooo bad! I really want to get out and walk. I even bought new shoes!

Tammy said...

I am a new follower from blog hop. I have almost the same random thoughts running through my head :) Please follow back at aka, The Not so Perfect Momma

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