Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayers for Japan

By now I'm sure you have all seen the devastation and sheer destruction of the earthquake and tsunami that has rocked Japan to it's core.  I have been watching the news programs and news channels since Friday, for some reason I just can't turn away.  Pictures of young children and babies with their parents, their innocence in not quite understanding what is happening.  Stories of unbelievable rescues even after four days with no food and water, 500,000 people homeless living in shelters, hospitals, and schools.  The grocery stores rationing what little food they have left and running out.  Pictures of houses being completely washed out and nothing left but debris and cars left in the tsunami's wake.  I was just watching the ABC News with Diane Sawyer and it was showing her walking through town with Japanese soldiers looking for survivors and going from house to house.  Some of these houses still had cups and bowls sitting on shelves that hadn't fallen off and were unbroken as well as a pile of slippers sitting at the door, yet the devastation was all around.  Desperate American parents looking for their children who spent their time teaching young Japanese students at the many schools or maybe even being students themselves.  Three elderly women being pulled out of their car after many many hours of no food and water, but they were saved.  Now the Japanese are having to worry about the possibility of a nuclear meltdown.  These are the images that we have seen on a daily basis and God bless the reporters, the military, the 50 workers that were left behind at the nuclear power plant to try and save so many others.  It is so hard to see these pictures and videos of this awful natural disaster  One of the miraculous stories that I just found is in the video below.  Please take a look.

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I remember all too well the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Indonesia.  I am a person that pays a lot of attention to the news, and these stories were devastating.  I could never imagine what these people are going through and wish that there is something that I could do to help.  There are several wonderful organizations to donate your money to to help the people of Japan get the food, water and necessities that they need.  Here are a few of the links:

Please consider giving whatever amount you can at this time.  This is not a sponsored post, this is just a concerned American wanting to help out many people in a time of great need.  So may people are displaced and have no where to go, they have lost husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and especially their children to this terrible disaster.  Words and pictures can not explain to all of us what is truly going on, the fear, the sadness and so much more that we can't see.  Everyday the images become more and more heartbreaking as well as disturbing and it just makes me feel so helpless to see the Japanese people go through this.  Hawaii and California also suffered from the tsunami, but the damage was far less than what Japan is going through.  Still days later, they are suffering over 6.0 aftershocks and the severe threat of radiation into the air.  My heart just aches.  Even if you have $2 or $5 to give in the relief efforts, every little bit helps.  I remember when 9/11 happened, my hubby and I took all the change we had in the house and a $5 bill down to our local American Red Cross, they were thrilled with the money to help and we felt good about donating.  God Bless the people of Japan, please pray for them, because they need all they help we can give.


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