Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Spectacular-Link Up Your Giveaways-11/6-11/13

Good Saturday morning all!  Hope your weekend is everything you wanted so far!  We have a fun day planned.  We are heading out to Logan's Roadhouse for a late lunch early dinner, they have this Ultimate Grill deal going on where you can have unlimited steak, chicken, or ribs with two sides for $13.99.  Sounds like a great and tasty deal to me!  Then we are taking the girls to ToysRUs to spend their gift cards that they got for their birthdays over a month ago.  I know, we are a little late on the draw, but have been busy with other things to take them out there.  The oldest has been talking for weeks on what she is going to get, I think she has narrowed it down to five things now!  
It's that time again!  Do you have a multitude of giveaways going on right now on your blogs, or maybe just one?  How about a Holiday Gift Guide that you started that you would like to share?  Find other giveaways on other blogs that you would like to let us all know about?  Link them up here today and all week on the Saturday Spectacular giveaway linky!  Let's get the giveaways up past 100 again!  Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Jill said...

Thank you!

Keli said...

thanks for the linkup!

Jen said...

Thanks for the linky!

Melly said...

following from the hop. Stop by & add your blog to mixed bag monday & don't froget to put your blog button on our blog roll page(just added) for all to see!

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