Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If you are like me, you do a lot of printing.  Whether it be pictures, coupons, coloring pages like I do for the girls, or other information that you find on the internet, it seems that my printer is always going.  With that, I go through A LOT of ink.  I am always looking for affordable places to find the ink that I need for my printer, but sometimes I can't always find the right cartridges at an affordable price.  Well look no more because now there is a great site called that specializes in all kinds of ink for all kinds of printers.  Whether you are looking for laser jet cartridges, copier ink, laser toner cartridges and more, you will find what you need at  They even have Canon Printer Ink. 

I was impressed with the selection for sure as I was browsing the site.  I found my ink for my Hp printer at an affordable $8.00 a cartridge which is by far the cheapest that I have found. carries an extensive amount of printer supplies for most printers, fax machines, copiers, postal supply printers and multifunction units.  They continue to grow and expand even through all of the other competitive companies out there today.  Canon Ink and Canon Ink Jet Cartridges are among a very popular brand that has to offer.  They are also offering on their site right now 10% off any order over $55 (excluding some inks and toners).  You can also check them out on Facebook for daily deals as well as Twitter.  Many people agree that the variety as well as the product itself will have you coming back to for all of your ink needs!  Check them out, you will be glad that you did! 


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